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Trump’s Title X rule will restrict abortion access and obstruct women’s healthcare

Trump's Title X rule will restrict abortion access and obstruct women's healthcare

By The Times Editorial Board
Mar 25, 2019

The Trump administration’s disdain for women’s reproductive rights and reproductive healthcare are well known. Shortly taking office, President Trump reinstituted the “global gag rule” that forbids foreign aid for any overseas healthcare provider that offers abortions or abortion counseling — even if the federal funds are carefully spent only on nonabortion services. Since his election, Trump has regularly threatened to defund Planned Parenthood. He has appointed anti-abortion judges and cut federal grants for family planning research.

Now, he and the officials he has put in place at the Department of Health and Human Services are taking aim at the much-respected Title X Family Planning Program in an effort to further limit women’s access to safe and legal abortion.

Continued: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/editorials/la-ed-trump-title-x-gag-rule-20190323-story.html

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Youth Friendly Sexual & Reproductive Health Services a Must! Data shows 14 million Indian girls marry before 18 years

Youth Friendly Sexual & Reproductive Health Services a Must! Data shows 14 million Indian girls marry before 18 years

Updated: March 24, 2019
By Vandana Chavan, Member of Parliament

A 2015 UNESCO report on “Emerging Evidence, Lessons and Practice in Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) suggests that CSE has far-reaching benefits for SRH, particularly in reducing STI’s and unintended pregnancies.

India, with the second largest population in the world of 1.3 billion, is also home to the world’s largest adolescent and youth at 365 million. Over 50 per cent of the country’s population is under the age of 25. An analysis of the United Nations World Population Prospects 2017 by Bloomberg revealed that by 2027, India with its current increase in the proportion of working age people, also known as the demographic dividend, will have the largest workforce in the world.

Continued: https://www.financialexpress.com/lifestyle/health/youth-friendly-sexual-reproductive-health-services-a-must-data-shows-14-million-indian-girls-marry-before-18-years/1525491/

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USA – The First Time Women Shouted Their Abortions

The First Time Women Shouted Their Abortions
Fifty years ago, a group of women stood up in a church and talked about ending their pregnancies. The way they did so still shapes how we discuss the topic today.

By Nona Willis Aronowitz
March 23, 2019

You couldn’t just casually threaten suicide — you had to sound like you meant it, the woman onstage recalled. “You have to go and bring a razor, or whatever: ‘If you don’t tell me I’m going to have an abortion right now, I’m going to go out and jump off the Verrazzano Bridge.’”

The woman was speaking in 1969. Legalized abortion nationwide was still four years away; in New York, so-called therapeutic abortions were legal — but only if a doctor judged you mentally unfit to have a child. And so, the woman explained, she ended up seeing two psychiatrists who, to her relief, deemed her suicide threats real enough to be granted the procedure. The crowd clapped and roared at the absurdity of it all, until the woman explained that after her abortion, she was stuck in the maternity ward to recover — right next to crying babies. The crowd wasn’t laughing anymore.

Continued: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/23/opinion/sunday/abortion-speakout-anniversary.html

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Glasgow Council’s abortion protest buffer zone report overdue

Glasgow Council's abortion protest buffer zone report overdue

By Tamsin Selbie, BBC Scotland
23 March 2019

A pledge to look at how to implement "buffer zones" outside abortion clinics at Glasgow hospitals has missed its deadline, BBC Scotland has learned.

Glasgow City Council passed a motion in June last year backing the safe spaces "to protect women from obstruction or harassment when accessing services".

The move gained cross-party support and a report on how it could be done was promised by the end of last year.

Continued: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-47567943

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South Africa’s Liberal Abortion Laws Hampered by Widespread Stigma

South Africa’s Liberal Abortion Laws Hampered by Widespread Stigma

March 22, 2019
Anita Powell

RUSTENBURG, SOUTH AFRICA — Twenty-six-year-old Precious, as she has asked us to call her to protect her identity, is 16 weeks pregnant. And so is her best friend, also by Precious’ boyfriend. That event turned her life upside down and brought her to the difficult decision to seek an abortion.

She lives in South Africa, where abortion is legal without justification and available through a nurse through 12 weeks of pregnancy, and legal up to 20 weeks, when done by a doctor and with justification.

Continued: https://www.voanews.com/a/south-africa-s-liberal-abortion-laws-hampered-by-widespread-stigma/4841297.html

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Young Age Abortions have been Increased in the part of Latin America

Young Age Abortions have been Increased in the part of Latin America

Mar 21, 2019
Bill Mist

Latin America is the most restrictive region in the world in terms of the criminalization of abortion, so compared to the neighbors, we Colombians are lucky because since 2006 abortion was recognized as a right. In Colombia, for 13 years, the voluntary interruption of pregnancy is legal under three reasons: rape, malformation incompatible with extrauterine life and when pregnancy puts at risk the physical or mental health of the woman.

Forced pregnancies and maternity endanger the physical and mental health of women, adolescents and girls, their life project and fundamental rights such as the right to decide when and how to have a family, the free development of personality and dignity human that is why all voluntary interruptions of pregnancy are framed in the mental health cause. Although the Constitutional Court has reiterated that abortion in Colombia is a right, it remains in the Penal Code for two reasons.

Continued: https://foxworldmedia.com/2019/03/21/young-age-abortions-have-been-increased-in-the-part-of-latin-america/

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How Georgia and Other States’ ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bans Kill and Injure Women

How Georgia and Other States' 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bans Kill and Injure Women

Thursday March 21, 2019

States across the nation are increasingly pushing so-called “heartbeat bills.” These ban abortion as soon as a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat—usually around six weeks gestation. Georgia is the latest state to propose such legislation. If the bill passes, and it seems likely to do so, Georgia abortion clinics will be forced to subject women to medically unnecessary ultrasounds. If an ultrasound detects the presence of a heartbeat, a woman cannot undergo an abortion.

These bills are plainly unconstitutional, but that doesn’t mean much. Pro-choice activists who assert that the laws are illegal miss the larger point. To get a law declared unconstitutional, you need someone who has standing to sue and a lawyer who has the skills and resources necessary to do so. That requires time and money.

Continued: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/3/21/1843892/-How-Georgia-and-Other-States-Heartbeat-Abortion-Bans-Kill-and-Injure-Women

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USA – I Am an Abortion Rights Activist. I Hope the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade.

I Am an Abortion Rights Activist. I Hope the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade.

March 20, 2019

On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled 7 to 2 that the ability to terminate a pregnancy was a constitutional right. Now, less than five decades later, with a number of lower-court abortion decisions advancing and the most conservative Supreme Court since the 1930s, abortion opponents could be close to getting what they have wanted ever since Roe v. Wade: the decision’s reversal.

I am an abortion rights activist, and frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

Continued: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/03/20/overturning-roe-v-wade-abortion-rights-225820

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Revealed: US anti-LGBT ‘hate group’ dramatically increases UK spending

Revealed: US anti-LGBT 'hate group' dramatically increases UK spending
Big spending Christian right ‘legal army’, whose influence has soared in America under Trump, is now linked to campaigns against assisted dying in the UK.

Peter Geoghegan and Claire Provost
20 March 2019

An American anti-LGBT ‘hate group’ with close ties to the Trump administration has spent more than £410,000 in the UK since 2017, openDemocracy can reveal.

ADF International – which opposes abortion rights and same-sex marriage equality – is also connected to a small number of British campaigners behind supposedly ‘grassroots’ movements against assisted dying, new research has found.

Continued: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/5050/revealed-us-anti-lgbt-hate-group-dramatically-increases-uk-spending/

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Nigeria – Maternal Health: IPAS Wants All States To Domesticate VAPP Act

Maternal Health: IPAS Wants All States To Domesticate VAPP Act

Posted by: Editor

A global Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Ipas, on Wednesday called on all state governments to domesticate the Violence against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act to reduce maternal mortality rate in the country.

The Country Director of Ipas, Hauwa Shekarau, made the appeal at the Ipas Nigeria ongoing annual Providers Network Conference with the theme: “Improving Collaboration among Providers’’ in Gombe.

Continued: https://www.africaprimenews.com/2019/03/20/health/maternal-health-ipas-wants-all-states-to-domesticate-vapp-act/

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