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America’s first generic abortion pill, explained

America’s first generic abortion pill, explained
The introduction of a generic abortion medication could mean lower costs for patients, but barriers to access remain.

By Anna North
Aug 20, 2019

In 2000, a new method of abortion became available in America: an oral medication called mifepristone.

Previously, the procedure in the early stages of pregnancy often involved emptying the uterus by suction. But taken with another medication called misoprostol, mifepristone can end a pregnancy in the first 10 weeks without the need for an in-clinic procedure. Patients can go through much of the process in whatever setting they like, with whomever they like — or alone.

Continued: https://www.vox.com/identities/2019/8/20/20750226/abortion-pill-mifepristone-pregnancy-genbiopro-mifeprex-generic

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NSW – Anti-abortion groups rally after decriminalisation bill delayed until September

Anti-abortion groups rally after decriminalisation bill delayed until September
A vote on the bill to decriminalise abortion had been expected this week but opponents have campaigned furiously against it

Michael McGowan
Tue 20 Aug 2019

Thousands of anti-abortion protesters have rallied outside the NSW parliament after opponents of a bill to decriminalise abortion in New South Wales successfully delayed a final vote on the legislation until next month.

The parliament’s upper house began debating the reproductive healthcare reform bill on Tuesday, almost two weeks after it passed its first hurdle in the lower chamber.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/aug/20/nsw-abortion-bill-delayed-until-september-amid-liberal-division

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India – 5,80,100 abortions performed in Assam every year: Report

5,80,100 abortions performed in Assam every year: Report
An estimated 90% of the abortions occurring in health facilities in the State are surgical, while about 10% are done using Medical Methods of Abortion.

By Bikash Singh
Aug 20, 2019

GUWAHATI: The study on ‘Unintended Pregnancy, Abortion and Postabortion Care in Assam—2015’ conducted jointly by Indian Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, Population Council, New Delhi and New York-based Guttmacher Institute, highlights the importance of access to and quality of safe abortion services in the State.

The study found that an estimated 5,80,100 abortions are performed in Assam every year. These include abortions taking place both in health facilities and in other settings. The State’s abortion rate was found to be 66 terminations per 1,000 women in the reproductive age group.

Continued: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/580100-abortions-performed-in-assam-every-year-report/articleshow/70751757.cms

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El Salvador: Evelyn Hernández cleared over baby’s death

El Salvador: Evelyn Hernández cleared over baby's death

20 August 2019

A 21-year-old woman in El Salvador whose baby was found dead in the toilet where she gave birth has been cleared of murder during a retrial.

Evelyn Hernández had always maintained she was innocent, saying that she did not know she was pregnant and lost consciousness during the birth.

Prosecutors had asked for a prison sentence of 40 years.

Continued: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-49368632

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Planned Parenthood abandons Title X funds over Trump ‘gag rule’

Planned Parenthood abandons Title X funds over Trump 'gag rule'
The organisation says it won't be 'bullied into withholding abortion information from patients'.

Aug 19, 2019

Planned Parenthood said on Monday it is pulling out of the United States federal family planning programme rather than abide by a new Trump administration rule prohibiting clinics from referring women for abortions.

Alexis McGill Johnson, Planned Parenthood's acting president and CEO, said the organisation's nationwide network of health centres would remain open and strive to make up for the loss of federal money. But she predicted that many low-income women who rely on Planned Parenthood services would "delay or go without" care.

Continued: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/08/planned-parenthood-abandons-title-funds-trump-gag-rule-190819201706770.html

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USA – Planned Parenthood expected to leave federal program over ‘gag rule’

Planned Parenthood expected to leave federal program over 'gag rule'

By Daniel Uria

Aug. 19 (UPI) -- Facing a Monday deadline to inform the government how it plans to comply with a new rule that bars Title X funds for organizations that provide access to abortion, Planned Parenthood said it's effectively being forced from the federal family planning program in a move that will impact millions of Americans.

Planned Parenthood has said it has no choice but to leave the program, due to the rule, unless a federal court steps in. The organization said it would announce its next steps Monday afternoon.

Continued: https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2019/08/19/Planned-Parenthood-expected-to-leave-federal-program-over-gag-rule/8781566137285/?ur3=1

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USA – Google loophole allows anti-abortion clinics to post deceptive ads

Google loophole allows anti-abortion clinics to post deceptive ads
‘Crisis pregnancy centers’ seek to discourage women from getting abortions by ‘deceiving them about services they do or do not offer’

Stephanie Kirchgaessner
Mon 19 Aug 2019

A new Google policy that was meant to rein in deceptive advertising by “crisis pregnancy centers” has a loophole that is allowing the centers to continue to post misleading ads on the search engine.

Crisis pregnancy centers often seek to aggressively discourage women from getting abortions and have earned the ire of abortion rights groups for often seeming to resemble abortion clinics.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/19/google-loophole-anti-abortion-clinics-deceptive-ads

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NSW abortion law: the decriminalisation reform bill explained

NSW abortion law: the decriminalisation reform bill explained
Opponents claim the new law will allow sex selection and abortion up until birth. But what does the bill actually do?

Michael McGowan
Mon 19 Aug 2019

In the two weeks since an historic bill removing abortion from the New South Wales criminal code passed its first hurdle in the parliament’s lower house, opponents of the legislation have fought hard to stop it becoming law.

Religious leaders, rightwing MPs and conservative media commentators have all mounted a concerted campaign to derail the legislation ahead of the vote. Opponents claim the bill will allow so-called gender or sex selection and abortion “on demand” up until birth.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/aug/19/nsw-abortion-law-the-decriminalisation-reform-bill-explained

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Domestic political alliances with conservative forces in the US is costing women their health at home and abroad

Domestic political alliances with conservative forces in the US is costing women their health at home and abroad

BMJ Opinion
August 19, 2019

The Trump administration’s ideological commitment to the domestic anti-abortion lobby is endangering women across the Americas, say Hani Serag et al

The history of the “Global Gag Rule” is one of tragic irony and misguided energy from conservative foreign policy elements within the United States. The Global Gag Rule, also known as the Mexico City Policy, restricts the activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries that receive USAID family planning from engaging in abortion-related activities, including advocacy, regardless of the funding source for these activities. It is even more ironic that abortion rates increase where the Global Gag Rule disrupts family planning services. [1] Inability to access safe abortions does little to prevent women from seeking unsafe abortions which harm the wellbeing of women. [2] Although this is well-documented, one of the first things that Donald Trump did when he became President was to sign an executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule. In March 2019, the Trump administration expanded the rule. Previously it only applied to family planning assistance ($575 million in FY2016) but the expanded law includes all “global health assistance furnished by all departments or agencies”⁠— an estimated $9.5 billion or 16-fold increase in restricted funding. [3] A recent report shows the impact of this rule and the detrimental effect that it is having on women and girls.

Continued: https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2019/08/19/domestic-political-alliances-with-conservative-forces-in-the-us-is-costing-women-their-health-at-home-and-abroad/

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The Last Places in Europe Where It’s Illegal to Get an Abortion

The Last Places in Europe Where It’s Illegal to Get an Abortion
European microstates are some of the richest countries on the continent, but human rights, including abortion, are curtailed.

by Sarah Souli; illustrated by Cathryn Virginia
Aug 19 2019

Lara hadn’t wanted to see the baby.

It wasn’t supposed to be hers, anyway; when she accidentally got pregnant at 18, she had decided the child would be raised by her aunt while she went off to university. The first few months of the pregnancy were normal: doctor’s visits, ultrasounds, the abrupt abandonment of cigarettes and beer. Then, around five months into her gestation, the pain and bleeding started. At the emergency room, a surprising diagnostic—fatally missed by her primary gynecologist—was announced. The baby was lacking two nerve bundles in its neck. A few days later, a second test with Lara’s gynecologist revealed a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The baby, doctors briskly explained to Lara, would be born “a vegetable.”

Continued: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/43kgn3/the-last-places-in-europe-where-its-illegal-to-get-an-abortion-v26n3

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