Challenges abound for women’s sexual and reproductive rights

Challenges abound for women’s sexual and reproductive rights

BMJ 2019;367:l7000
Published 23 December 2019

Rojita Adhikari, freelance journalist

Health leaders gathered at the second International Conference on Population and Development in Nairobi last month to discuss how to improve women’s sexual and reproductive health. At the meeting Rojita Adhikari talked to Herminia Palacio, newly appointed president of the Guttmacher Institute, about the challenges and possibilities

Q: It’s been 25 years since the first ICPD conference was held. How far has the world come towards meeting the goals?


Ruth Bader Ginsburg says US abortion law hits poor women

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says US abortion law hits poor women

Dec 17, 2019

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has told the BBC that restrictive abortion laws affect poor women in society.

Several states have passed highly restrictive abortion laws this year - and dozens more have proposed similar bills in their legislatures - though none have gone into effect thus far.


Nigeria – A tragedy of choice!

A tragedy of choice!

On November 23, 2019
by Urowayino Jeremiah

Abortion! I’d almost forgotten that such a word exists until last Thursday. The gist was that a former neighbour’s teenage daughter died last week due to complications from an illegal abortion. No sooner had I walked into my regular salon in the area, did my hair dresser, wearing a forlorn face ask if I had stopped at Mummy Seni’s house. I said no and asked why. “Did something happen to her?

“So you have not heard. Jumoke, Mummy Seni’s daughter is dead oh!!


‘Turkey should step up efforts on zero target for mother deaths’

'Turkey should step up efforts on zero target for mother deaths'

Barçın Yinanç - NAIROBI
November 18 2019

Professor Ayşe Akın received a United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) award last week in Nairobi, Kenya at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICDP25) for her contribution to the health of women at the global and national levels since 1994, when the first ICDP took place in Cairo, which she had also attended.

Can you give us an overview of Turkey’s population policies?

The new republic’s population was 13 million at the end of the war of liberation, when a lot of men had lost their lives. Modern Turkey founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had endorsed a pro-natal policy, but he has no forceful statement on the record.


USA – Gloria Steinem and Jameela Jamil: There’s ‘No Democracy’ without Abortion

Jameela Jamil Is the Feminist-in-Progress We Need Right Now

As told to Olivia Fleming
Nov 6, 2019

For our 2019 Women Who Dare series, Jameela Jamil, the outspoken and always opinionated founder of I Weigh, asks Gloria Steinem, author of The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off, for advice on how to handle activism in the age of social media, how to talk to men about abortion and toxic masculinity, and whether the ideal feminist exists.

Jameela Jamil: I've been an activist for 14 years, but over the last two years, I've been very publicly embraced for it, and I don't think I had braced myself for what an intense experience it is when it comes to people's opinions about your opinion. A lot of the backlash I sometimes get is from men.

Gloria Steinem: Does that happen to you online or in person or both?


USA – 12 Men Share Their Abortion Stories

12 Men Share Their Abortion Stories

Even as male lawmakers dominate the debate around women’s reproductive health at the highest levels—and a spate of restrictive bans are passed across the country—public conversations about the very real experiences men have had with abortion remain rare. As access is further limited and with a likely Supreme Court decision on the horizon, here, in a special collaboration between Glamour and GQ, 12 men share how the procedure has impacted their life.

By Rebecca Nelson
October 21, 2019

Last May, when the Alabama state senate voted to effectively outlaw all abortions, every one of the 25 lawmakers who voted for the bill was a man. Similarly, in Georgia, male legislators who voted for the fetal heartbeat bill, which banned abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, far outnumbered the female yea votes. And in Louisiana, a man wrote the state’s version of a heartbeat bill while the governor, another man, signed it into law.


Interview: Amanda Palmer, on how her latest album was informed by the abortion referendum

Interview: Amanda Palmer, on how her latest album was informed by the abortion referendum

By: Emily O Callaghan
Oct 14, 2019

In a fascinating Q&A, Amanda Palmer talks about how the Irish abortion referendum informed her stunning new album, There Will Be No Intermission. Also up for discussion are artistic epiphanies in Iceland, and why the singer’s fans inspire her to be artistically braver.

Emily O'Callaghan: At least one of your songs on your latest album, There Will Be No Intermission, was inspired by your trip to Dublin last year. Can you tell me about that?


Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

By Ghadeer Ahmed
September 28, 2019

On September 28, 2017, International Safe Abortion Day, I published the first part of the “Abortion Tales” series with Mada Masr. The tales narrate real women’s experiences with unsafe abortion in Egypt, in light of its criminalization in the Egyptian penal code. I began to collect and write stories as a starting point to get more involved with women’s experiences with their bodies. This involvement is not only through writing, but also the emotions, bodily memories and affects resulting from direct encounters with the women who offer to share their accounts in the series. Here, I share the story of my journey.


USA – An Interview With My Mom About Her Abortion

An Interview With My Mom About Her Abortion
“If I would have had that child I probably wouldn’t have had you.”

Anonymous Mother Jones staffer
Sept 12, 2019

When my mom first told me over the phone about two years ago that she’d had an abortion in high school, she cried. I cried, too. Not because I was angry with her or because she regretted her decision. Quite the opposite. I was proud of her decision because I knew her choice wasn’t easy. It also served as a reminder that, regardless of how close we are, there are still things I don’t know about her, and that there was a time when I wasn’t around to support her.

Yes, the procedure was painful and scary, she told me. But my mom was more upset about the fact that she was put in the position of having to make a decision to terminate her pregnancy in the first place.


USA – Dr. Ruth stands up for abortion, migrant rights as film opens abroad

Dr. Ruth stands up for abortion, migrant rights as film opens abroad

KYODO NEWS By Matthew Carland
Aug 24, 2019

The documentary film "Ask Dr. Ruth" chronicles the remarkable life of Ruth Westheimer, an orphan of the Holocaust who ascended to fame in the 1980s as a sex therapist and talk show personality after immigrating to the United States.

As the film, which premiered earlier this year at Sundance Film Festival, opens internationally throughout the summer including in Japan in late August, Westheimer spoke with Kyodo News in her New York home about abortion access and the rights of migrants amid developments she finds "very problematic" as a reproductive health expert and former child refugee.