No Two Sides About It – Being Anti-choice is Anti-Science


No Two Sides About It - Being Anti-choice is Anti-Science

by Caroline Reilly
Published on June 21, 2017

Over the last three months, the New York Times Opinion page has run not one but three anti-abortion op-eds riddled with misinformation, pseudoscience, and outright falsehoods. On February 27, the Times published “How the New Feminist Movement Leaves Out American Women,” an article by Lauren Enriquez, a public relations manager at Human Coalition, a pro-life nonprofit that calls abortion “the worst holocaust in human history ” on the homepage of their website, comparing it to murder. Exactly a month later, they published “To Win Again, Democrats Must Stop Being the Abortion Party,” in which Boston College theology and religious education professor Thomas Groome claimed Clinton’s allegiance to pro-choice values partially led to her loss to Donald Trump. And in May, a second article written by someone affiliated with the Human Coalition found its way to the op-ed page. In “The Problem with Linking Abortion and Economics,” Lori Szala, the national director of client services at Human Coalition, argues that asserting a link between economics and abortion is “patronizing, and patently dishonest.”

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U.S.: Catholic bishops’ agenda hurts families


Catholic bishops' agenda hurts families

Jon O'Brien
June 20, 2017

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is kicking off its annual Fortnight for Freedom in Baltimore tomorrow in a celebratory mood. Every year, the bishops present this event as an effort to defend religious liberty. But we’ve seen over five years its real intent: to galvanize the Catholic hierarchy around an agenda to discriminate against and impose their beliefs on Catholics and non-Catholics alike. And their persistence has paid off, despite very little support or attention from everyday Catholics.

Why? Because they found a benefactor unlike any other. President Trump has rewarded the bishops handily for their loyalty during the elections...

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Northern Ireland: We are the invisible victims of the DUP’s anti-abortion hardliners


We are the invisible victims of the DUP’s anti-abortion hardliners
Any fight to protect women’s rights under a Tory-DUP regime is useless if it ignores the fight in Northern Ireland to have these rights for the first time

Elizabeth Nelson
Monday 19 June 2017

Five years ago a 15-year-old girl travelled from Northern Ireland to Manchester with her mother to have an abortion in a private clinic. The procedure plus travel and accommodation cost them about £900. They were UK citizens. Had they been resident elsewhere in the UK, a termination would have been free on the NHS. But they were from Northern Ireland and this is the price – psychological, medical, physical and literal – that women in Northern Ireland pay for living here.

Amid the outrage about what a British government propped up by the Democratic Unionist party would mean for the rights of women in Britain, and for lesbian, gay and transgender communities, the experiences of those groups in Northern Ireland have been all but invisible.

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Bring on the Irish abortion referendum


Bring on the Irish abortion referendum

Ella Whelan
assistant editor

This is our chance to make the positive case for women’s rights.

16 June 2017

In his first day in office as the new Fine Gael Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar announced that the Republic of Ireland will have a referendum on the Eighth Amendment next year.

The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which was added following a referendum on abortion rights in 1983, ensures the right to life of the unborn. This means that a woman’s life and rights are equated with that of an embryo. Irish women cannot access abortion services, even in the event of rape or fatal fetal abnormality. They are forced to buy medicine illegally online, or travel to the UK at their own expense to access abortion services there.

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UK: Let’s not shy away from the real reason why everyone mentions the DUP’s stance on LGBT rights, but not women’s rights


Let’s not shy away from the real reason why everyone mentions the DUP’s stance on LGBT rights, but not women’s rights

Women can’t rely on the benevolence of individually powerful female politicians, or trust in the good intentions of male politicians who mouth the right words up until the moment anything is actually on the line

Sarah Ditum
Tuesday 13 June 2017

Before 10pm last Thursday night, the DUP was a shambles of a party whose leader Arlene Foster was responsible for the cash-for-ash scandal which has cost an estimated £490m and caused the collapse of power sharing in Northern Ireland. The moment the exit poll was in, it became one of the biggest forces in British politics as the prospect of the party entering into a confidence-and-supply arrangement to support a minority Tory government took hold.

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U.S.: Dr. George Tiller was assassinated eight years ago today


Dr. George Tiller was assassinated eight years ago today
By Warren M Hern
Wednesday May 31, 2017

On this morning eight years ago, while having breakfast, I got a phone call from a member of Dr. George Tiller’s family that he had been assassinated two hours before the call. I was devastated, and my family was terrified. George was a dear friend of mine, a medical colleague, my only peer in the work that I do, confidant, and one of the only persons in the world who shared my experience in performing late abortions for desperate women with desired pregnancies complicated by horrible fetal abnormalities. The news was a shock, a drop of bricks on my life, a terrible, painful loss, and a frightening reality — but it was not a surprise. Antiabortion fanatics had been threatening George’s life for decades — as they had mine.

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Australia: I’m not giving up my fight to decriminalise abortion in NSW


I'm not giving up my fight to decriminalise abortion in NSW

Mehreen Faruqi
May 30 2017

Earlier this month, the Upper House of NSW Parliament voted down a bill to take abortion offences out of the NSW Crimes Act of 1900.

Reactions from supporters of this reform have ranged from shock to anger and embarrassment. For many in the community, it was hard to believe that in the year 2017 a majority of the members of parliament refused to overturn an archaic, outdated law that criminalises women and doctors for a medical procedure.

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I’m an Ob/Gyn and I Never, Ever Want to Be Pregnant


I'm an Ob/Gyn and I Never, Ever Want to Be Pregnant
May 30, 2017
By Leah Torres, M.D.

No, thanks. That looks horrible.

Pregnancy is a miserable experience. At least that’s what some pregnant people tell me. Most of them are my patients. I'm an ob/gyn and a specialist in reproductive health, so I know quite a bit about why pregnancy is terrible. I, fortunately, have never had to suffer through being pregnant (thanks, Planned Parenthood!). Nope, I do not want to give birth. Ever.

The fact that there are people willing to vomit every morning for months on end, deal with hemorrhoids from weeks of constipation, and a myriad of other illness-esque experiences amazes me every time I see them for their prenatal visits.

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Canada: The CPC’s bringing back the abortion debate — bet on it


The CPC's bringing back the abortion debate — bet on it
iPolitics Insights
Scheer can’t stop it — and it’s going to cripple the party in 2019

Michael Harris
Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Justin Trudeau must have slept like a baby last night. 2019 is no longer the year of living dangerously as far as the Conservative threat to his regency is concerned.

Not only did the social conservatives retain control of the Harper Party, but in Andrew Scheer, the former PM (still thought to be a behind-the-scenes puppet-master by some) likely got the candidate he wanted. At the very least, he did not get an uppity progressive like Michael Chong — who defied him in the days of Harper’s flat-out authoritarianism — or the weak tea of an Erin O’Toole.


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Jamaica: Thinking of having an abortion? Please read this


Thinking of having an abortion? Please read this
Published:Monday | May 29, 2017
Michael Abrahams

Although abortion is, for the most part, illegal in Jamaica, you are surrounded by women who have had pregnancies terminated. Lawyers, doctors, domestic helpers, nurses, policewomen, teachers, hairdressers. They work in your office, walk past you in supermarket aisles and sit beside you at church.

But many women who have abortions place themselves at risk without even knowing it. This is because shortcuts are often taken, which can cause significant morbidity or even death. I am not encouraging any woman to have an abortion, but the truth is that whether the procedure is legal or not, if a woman is determined not to carry a pregnancy, she will find ways of having it terminated. I am not in the habit of giving advice to people regarding breaking the law, but in this instance, I have placed concern for human safety above political correctness. So, if you have decided that you must terminate a pregnancy, please read this carefully.

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