Reproductive rights activists counteract the “Walk for Life” in Croatia


Reproductive rights activists counteract the "Walk for Life" in Croatia
May 21, 2017

Croatian’s Platform for women’s reproductive rights organized a series of actions in order to highlight the real intension of the so-called “Walk for life”

Zagreb, Croatia: Platform for women's reproductive rights warns that the so-called "Walk for life" is a political gathering that has nothing to do with the preservation of life but has an agenda to restrict abortion accessibility and to make it illegal. In other words, to take away a women's right to decide if she wants to, when and with whom to have children.

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Croatia anti-abortion march draws 20 000


Croatia anti-abortion march draws 20 000
May 21, 2017

Zagreb - About 20 000 people hit the streets on Saturday for anti-abortion protests in staunchly Catholic Croatia, whose top court recently issued a landmark ruling rejecting calls to ban the procedure.

The issue is deeply divisive in the European Union nation and rights groups warn that the right to abortion is being threatened by growing pressure from groups backed by the church.

Activists also say large numbers of public hospital doctors invoke a conscientious objection clause in Croatian law to refuse to perform the procedure.

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Croatia refuses to ban abortion


Croatia refuses to ban abortion

Croatia’s Constitutional Court has upheld a law allowing abortion, saying the legislation does not breach the country’s constitution.
However, the court urged parliament to pass new abortion legislation within two years.
The head of the Constitutional Court, Miroslav Separovic, told a news conference that current legislation allowing a woman to terminate up to the 10th week of pregnancy did not breach the constitution.

“It is not up to the Consitutional Court to rule when human life begins,” Separovic told reporters.

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Croatia: Government Denies Intention to Change Abortion Law


Government Denies Intention to Change Abortion Law
by Vedran Pavlic
Feb 27, 2017

Summary: Croatia's deputy prime minister Ivo Steir is trying to calm fears that the government plans to ban abortion, after the Foreign Affairs of the European Union reported that Croatia, Hungary, and Poland took a conservative stance in a human rights debate within the EU Council, that abortion is not considered an unquestionable right of women.

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Croatia’s anti-abortion lobby finds new ways to spread its message


Website posing as support tool and centres offering free board are among tactics used to discourage termination of pregnancies
Woman praying

Masenjka Bacic in Split for BIRN

Wednesday 30 November 2016 07.00 GMT

Search the internet in Croatia for abortion clinics and the top result on Google appears, at first glance, to be a website offering information to women about the procedure.

But is in reality part of a nationwide campaign aimed at discouraging women from terminating their pregnancies.

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Anti-Abortion ‘Prayers’ Cause Rumpus in Croatia


06 Oct 16, Balkan Insight
by Sven Milekic

A row has broken out about abortion rights after a Catholic initiative in Croatia, "40 Days for Life", started its annual campaign of public prayers in front of hospitals, campaigning against abortion and for the life of unborn children.

The controversy began after the group's branch in the eastern town of Vukovar said on Facebook on Tuesday that a woman was coming to Vukovar hospital from a nearby village to have an abortion - and the group should assemble there for a prayer vigil.

“The arrival of a pregnant woman from a nearby town to [have an] abortion in the Vukovar hospital is announced. We urge all prayers to join us in large numbers tomorrow in front of Vukovar hospital, as we greet her like a princess and show how valuable she is and how we are willing to do anything to help her to choose life,” the group said on Facebook

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Continuing the Reports from 28 September


4 October 2016

More reports on September 28 events from the International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion, including from Poland, Nicaragua, Netherlands, UK, Armenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.


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‘We Don’t Do It Here’ – Abortion Rights Under Threat in Croatia

A screenshot of the Internet homepage of what purports to be an abortion clinic in Croatia but which in fact tries to dissuade women from terminating regnancies.


01 Aug 16
Masenjka Bacic

Abortion is legal in Croatia, but increasingly feels forbidden

First, the figures:

In 1990 in Croatia, on the eve of its independence, 46,679 legal abortions were carried out. Last year, according to official figures, there were 8,181, one of the lowest rates in Europe. In 2014, of 375 gynaecologists employed in Croatian hospitals where abortions can be carried out, 166 do so. Others refuse on religious grounds.

This was my starting point for an investigation into the right to abortion in Croatia for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence. I wanted to understand the trends behind the figures, and whether they told the whole story. While abortion remains legal, is it becoming increasingly forbidden for Croatian women?

I decided to conduct an experiment: I began calling hospitals, telling those who answered that I was pregnant and asking whether I could have an abortion in their hospital. It went like this:

Hospital in Pakrac:

- We do not do the abortions in this hospital.

- OK, can you please tell me where can I do it?

- No. I don’t know. (Hangs up).

Hospital in Knin:

- First, you need to go to the gynaecologist and then come here with findings. But, you know, you don’t have to do it here. You can go also to Zadar or Šibenik. In Šibenik, you can do it in private clinics.

Hospital in Slavonski Brod:

- If you are not from this county, you cannot do it.

Hospital in Bjelovar:

- The doctor that does abortions is on vacation. Try to call the outpatient clinic.

I turned to the Internet, typing into Google ‘clinics for abortion’ in Croatian. I clicked on the top result; a site opened, with a picture slideshow, purporting to be that of an abortion clinic. Picture 1: Bloodied scissors. Picture 2: A young baby in a woman’s arms.

Clicking on an icon titled ‘Consequences of abortion’, I was told that women who abort risk death, breast cancer, sexual dysfunction and suicidal thoughts.

This was my first encounter with the phenomenon of ‘fake’ abortion clinics advertising online with the aim of actually dissuading women from aborting. Croatia’s public attorney for gender equality has reported such sites to the Interior Ministry but they continue to operate.

I spent hours trawling the Internet, reading forums. Gradually it became clear to me: information on abortion in Croatia is travelling mainly by word of mouth, whispered by women hidden by the anonymity of online forums. As if it was illegal.

Masenjka Bacic has been a freelance print and broadcast journalist since 2007, focused mainly on social and cultural issues and minority rights. For the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, Masenjka is investigating the threat to abortion rights in Croatia.

Source: Balkan Insight

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