Abortion is Illegal in Lebanon, But That Hasn’t Stopped Abortions

Abortion is Illegal in Lebanon, But That Hasn't Stopped Abortions.
The global pushback against abortion rights won't end them. They've always been necessary, and always will.

by Ghadi Ghosn and Virginie Le Borgne
Jan 8, 2019

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Illegal abortion in Lebanon: ‘I couldn’t comprehend how painful it was’

Illegal abortion in Lebanon: 'I couldn't comprehend how painful it was'
Despite the risks, thousands of women in Lebanon undergo the banned procedure every year

Virginie Le Borgne
Thursday 20 September

BEIRUT - Farah has morbid memories of the abortion she had three years ago, but she cannot recall exactly how long the procedure took.

“I just felt like it lasted a whole day, the longest day of my life,” the 26-year-old tells Middle East Eye. “I vividly remember the unbearable wait before the operation. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop talking about it...It was gruelling.”

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