How Fashion Is Rallying for Reproductive Justice

How Fashion Is Rallying for Reproductive Justice
Justin Trudeau is boosting abortion access—can a uterus dress help too?

by Leanne Delap
June 07, 2019

Last week, in Rome, Gucci designer Alessandro Michele showed a pale peach chiffon gown delicately embroidered with a uterus, fulsome flowers representing the ovaries. It was part of a politically charged, freedom of reproductive choice theme woven throughout his Cruise 2020 collection—a jacket was emblazoned with the words My Body My Choice; an exposed chest was fitted with medieval-looking nipple clamps (or possibly ornamental breast pumps).

Michele stated that, “Today, for someone in my position, it’s important to say [political] things.” He added that recent abortion restrictions in the U.S. have “made me consider how much women should be highly respected.”