Pro-life activists target rural Nepali women

Pro-life activists target rural Nepali women
Tara Todras-Whitehill, with additional reporting by Rojita Adhikari, CNN
Sat June 09, 2018

Kathmandu, Nepal (CNN) Pastor Soman Rai and his group of volunteers from Kathmandu walk to a small church in the village of Shilaprabat, in Sindhupalchock, an area left devastated by the deadly earthquakes that shook Nepal three years ago.

The only way to access the area, located some 80km (50 miles) east of the capital, is via a wire footbridge and a narrow dirt path.

Once there, Rai and the group set up a table of pamphlets, and hang a large sign with the colorful handprints of children around the slogan "I Choose Life." At the bottom of the banner is the name of Rai's organization -- Voice of Fetus Nepal.