Protect Global Health, End the Gag Rule


Protect Global Health, End the Gag Rule
By: Kory Stuer

The World Health Organization estimates that every eight minutes a woman in the developing world dies from an unsafe abortion. On January 23, 2017 President Donald Trump endangered even more women’ lives by reinstating the “Mexico City policy,” more commonly known as the global gag rule. First put in place under Ronald Reagan, the global gag rule has seesawed through the last thirty-three years; each time a Democratic president has come into office he has rescinded the policy, and each time a Republican has won the presidency he has reinstated it. Trump’s reinstatement of the policy expanded its impact further than ever before, applying it for the first time to all U.S. global health spending. Today, on International Safe Abortion Day, we must all call for an end to playing political games with health and lives and demand the permanent repeal of the global gag rule.

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