USA – My second and third daughters exist because abortion was legal and safe

My second and third daughters exist because abortion was legal and safe
I would not have risked another child with severe fetal defects, as my beloved first daughter had.

By Jana von Stein
May 28, 2019

Many parents-to-be learn at their 20-week ultrasound whether it’s a boy or a girl. We learned that our baby had severe cardiac defects. As my pregnancy progressed, it became more evident that her disorder affected more than just her heart. It would require multiple operations and might be life-defining. In the 23 months she lived, my daughter Sophie endured seven surgeries, became addicted to morphine and Ativan, and suffered more than most people do in decades’-longer lifetimes. Her dad and I tried, along with heroic nurses and doctors in Michigan, Boston and Stanford, to save her life. We failed. We worked tirelessly to give her a good quality of life, but — particularly in the last few months — it was not one worth living.

The doctors weren’t sure whether Sophie’s defects were a result of random bad luck or something hereditary. Her DNA looked normal, but it was clear there was a programming error at some point early in the gestation.


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USA – When Your President Calls You a Murderer

When Your President Calls You a Murderer
I have had a third-trimester abortion. And I am not alone.

Feb 6, 2019
T.S. Mendola

It’s a hell of a thing to hear your president call you a murderer.

That’s not quite the whole picture, though, of what President Donald Trump did to later abortion patients during the State of the Union speech Tuesday night. After he invoked the Madonna, a “beautiful image of a mother holding her infant child,” women abruptly vanished for the rest of the time he took to throw enough red meat to the anti-choice base to keep money from the evangelical coffers flowing. Instead, we disappeared into the “womb” from which “beautiful” babies are “ripped moments before birth;” we are nothing more than the “womb” in which “children … can feel pain.”


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Guam – AG opinion: Recent abortion bill is unconstitutional

AG opinion: Recent abortion bill is unconstitutional

Jasmine Stole Weiss, Pacific Daily News
Published June 29, 2018

The Attorney General of Guam issued an opinion this week, informing lawmakers that an abortion bill introduced earlier this year, if enacted, would be unconstitutional.

Bill 232-34 proposes banning abortions after 20 weeks of fertilization.

The bill was introduced in January by Sens. Dennis Rodriguez, Jr., D-Dededo, Joe S. San Agustin, D-Yigo, Telena Nelson, D-Dededo, Frank Aguon, Jr., D-Yona, and Tommy Morrison, R-Umatac.


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