Project: On Abortion by Laia Abril

Project: On Abortion by Laia Abril

Written by Izabela Radwanska Zhang
Published on 4 May 2017

Every year, some 47,000 women die from backstreet abortions because of a lack of legal or free access: in her project, Abril shows the after-effects of this experience. This article was first published in the May issue of BJP

Laia Abril is no stranger to themes of distress. Bulimia, coping with the death of a child, the asexual community, virtual sex-performer couples – these are all topics that the Barcelona-based photographer has explored and attempted to demystify with her multi-layered, story-based practice. The subjects she tackles are complex and provocative, but ones she is able to connect with by way of female empathy, “where I can be involved emotionally”, she says.

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