Right Power: Slovakia Mulls New Laws Limiting Abortion

Miroslava German Sirotnikova
July 13, 2020

An economic crisis looms and the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing – but the most pressing issue on the minds of many Slovak lawmakers is limiting women’s reproductive rights.

This week, the Slovak parliament is debating, and likely to adopt, a new package of laws further limiting women’s access to abortion.

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Kenyan Atheists Throw Support Behind Senator Susan Kihika’s ‘Abortion Bill’

By John Wanjohi Sun

The controversial Reproductive Health Bill 2019 drafted by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has received support from Kenyan atheists.

Atheists in Kenya Society hailed the proposed bill as progressive, saying it will help reduce unwanted pregnancies because it gives Kenyans the power to decide when to have or not have children.

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Kenya is having another go at passing a reproductive rights bill. What’s at stake

July 12, 2020
Anthony Idowu Ajayi, Meggie Mwoka

Kenya’s Senate is considering a reproductive healthcare bill, which seeks to address reproductive health gaps. This is the second time the bill has come before the senate. It has, once again, drawn fire from religious groups, some politicians and civil society lobbies opposed to its proposals. Anthony Ajayi and Meggie Mwoka unpack the bill and the lessons from previous failed attempts.

What is the substance of the bill?

Kenyan women and girls face an array of reproductive health risks that can be addressed by comprehensive reproductive health care services. These include sexually transmitted infections, HIV, unsafe abortion and unplanned pregnancies.

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Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life splits Namibia

By Southern Times -- Jul 10,2020
Benahzir Majiedt

Windhoek – An emotive Bill seeking to legalise abortion, tabled by the Deputy Health Minister Ester Muinjangue in Parliament, has split Namibian society as the pro-choice and pro-life debate takes centre stage in the Southern African country.

Muinjangue described the right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy through to birth (pro-choice) was the hallmark of a “progressive” nation that placed rights above religion and “morality”.

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Activists Keep Argentina’s Abortion Reform on the Agenda Despite Covid-19

The pandemic put anticipated legislative progress on Argentina’s abortion reform on hold, but activists are determined to keep up the momentum.

Cora Fernández Anderson
July 9, 2020

Early in 2020, it appeared that the legalization of abortion was, at last, imminent in Argentina. After a long struggle by activists, the elements of a strong movement, favorable public opinion, and sympathetic allies in power all aligned in favor of finally reforming the 1921 criminal code that allows a legal abortion only under the narrow circumstances of rape or a threat to a woman’s life and health. Following last year’s general elections, support permeated the halls of power: a multi-party coalition in Congress, the presidents of the Senate and lower house, the heads of the congressional commissions charged with discussing the bill, and even the president of the country all supported reform.

But then, in early March, Covid-19 reached Argentina. The government declared a lockdown, and everything stopped—including the prospects of abortion reform.

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Croatia’s MP candidates oppose the right to abortion even for rape victims

July 06th, 2020
by: Katarina Panić

The right to abortion become one of the top issues during the campaign that precedes the parliamentary election in Croatia, scheduled for July 5. Abortion is legal up to the tenth week in the youngest EU member state. Yet, it is less available because of the cost, the social stigma and medical staff's right to refuse to provide them over the reasons of conscience.

Croatia's Constitutional Court ruled three years ago that abortion cannot be prohibited by law. Now, some rightists offer a solution for that as well – to abolish the Constitutional Court if it guarantees the right to abortion, including even raped women.

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Malawi: NGO Urges Government to Advance Abortion Law

3 July 2020
Malawi News Agency (Lilongwe)
By Glory Msowoya

Blantyre — Centre for Solutions of Journalism (CSJ) has urged the Tonse Alliance led government to look into abortion law reforms and to enact the proposed bill which should deal with unsafe abortion among girls and women.

The CSJ made the call on Wednesday in Blantyre during a day-long training on sexual and reproductive health for traditional and religious leaders from Blantyre and Chiradzulu as the organization said human rights should be the government's priority for its citizens without discrimination.

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Belgium – Abortion rights law dragged into federal government negotiations

Friday, 03 July 2020

The decriminalisation of abortion in Belgium and a relaxation of rules to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy have been sucked into the ongoing negotiations for a federal government.

In a statement on Friday, the CD&V, Open Vld and MR, the three parties leading the negotiations to create a new federal government, announced that abortion rights would be part of the ongoing government negotiations.

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Thailand – A choice, not a death warrant

A choice, not a death warrant
Many unaware safe abortion an option

29 Jun 2020
Penchan Charoensuthipan

Noi thought her world had tumbled down when she discovered she was pregnant at
the age of 50.

But it has dawned on Noi, a teacher, that an unwanted pregnancy could happen to
any woman, young or old. What compounds the already dire situation for many
women is that they feel their only choice is to have an illegal abortion.

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Guernsey abortion laws to be ‘modernised’ by States

Guernsey abortion laws to be 'modernised' by States

24 June 2020

Abortion in Guernsey is set to be "modernised", following the States approval of amending the law. The reforms to the 1997 law include extending gestational time limits and allowing one doctor to sign off an abortion.

The limit will double to 24 weeks and no limits will apply in case of "significant" foetal abnormalities. The changes also decriminalise terminating a pregnancy outside of a medical setting.

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