Abortion: What does the change in the law mean for NI women?

Abortion: What does the change in the law mean for NI women?

By Hannah Gay, BBC News NI
Oct 22, 2019

A new chapter has been written in the political and social history of Northern Ireland, centred on one of the most sensitive issues and one which continues to divide opinion.

As the clock passed midnight and Monday became Tuesday, abortion was decriminalised in line with Westminster legislation, which said the law would change unless Northern Ireland's devolved government was restored by 21 October.

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USA – 12 Men Share Their Abortion Stories

12 Men Share Their Abortion Stories

Even as male lawmakers dominate the debate around women’s reproductive health at the highest levels—and a spate of restrictive bans are passed across the country—public conversations about the very real experiences men have had with abortion remain rare. As access is further limited and with a likely Supreme Court decision on the horizon, here, in a special collaboration between Glamour and GQ, 12 men share how the procedure has impacted their life.

By Rebecca Nelson
October 21, 2019

Last May, when the Alabama state senate voted to effectively outlaw all abortions, every one of the 25 lawmakers who voted for the bill was a man. Similarly, in Georgia, male legislators who voted for the fetal heartbeat bill, which banned abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, far outnumbered the female yea votes. And in Louisiana, a man wrote the state’s version of a heartbeat bill while the governor, another man, signed it into law.

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‘The doctors in Northern Ireland knew my baby would die. But I was refused an abortion’

‘The doctors in Northern Ireland knew my baby would die. But I was refused an abortion’
One grieving woman tells of the suffering the current ban caused her

Susan McKay
Sun 6 Oct 2019

Denise Phelan was denied an abortion three years ago in circumstances so extreme she still finds it harrowing to speak about it, and does so only because she is determined that no other woman should be forced to go through a similar experience.

“My anger wakes me up at night. It’s a deep, almost in-the-bone anger,” she says. She and her husband, Richard Gosnold, are also still grieving for the loss of their baby, Alenja. Their trauma has been prolonged and they feel it is too late now to try for another pregnancy.

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Uganda – Gynaecologists call for safe abortion as part of essential health package for women

Gynaecologists call for safe abortion as part of essential health package for women

By DAVID MAFABI | PML Daily Senior Staff Writer
Posted on October 3, 2019

KAMPALA – “When the doctor told me that we needed to discuss the results of my pregnancy test, I already knew I was pregnant; because I was just recovering from rape,”

Oliver tested for pregnancy and the result was positive. It was hard for her to accept the news, since she saw this as an end to her dream of becoming a teacher.

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Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

By Ghadeer Ahmed
September 28, 2019

On September 28, 2017, International Safe Abortion Day, I published the first part of the “Abortion Tales” series with Mada Masr. The tales narrate real women’s experiences with unsafe abortion in Egypt, in light of its criminalization in the Egyptian penal code. I began to collect and write stories as a starting point to get more involved with women’s experiences with their bodies. This involvement is not only through writing, but also the emotions, bodily memories and affects resulting from direct encounters with the women who offer to share their accounts in the series. Here, I share the story of my journey.

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USA – As a disabled woman, my abortion wasn’t questioned—but my pregnancy was

As a disabled woman, my abortion wasn’t questioned—but my pregnancy was

By Nicole Lee
September 18, 2019

Women’s reproductive rights are a tough enough topic for any female-identifying person in the 21st century. For the disability community though, they raise a whole different set of issues.

Women with disabilities and reproductive rights haven’t always gone hand in hand. For many of us, our bodies have been abused by people around us. From intimate partners to careless support workers and the medical profession, we’ve had our motherhood dissected, stripped bare, doubted, and questioned.

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USA – An Interview With My Mom About Her Abortion

An Interview With My Mom About Her Abortion
“If I would have had that child I probably wouldn’t have had you.”

Anonymous Mother Jones staffer
Sept 12, 2019

When my mom first told me over the phone about two years ago that she’d had an abortion in high school, she cried. I cried, too. Not because I was angry with her or because she regretted her decision. Quite the opposite. I was proud of her decision because I knew her choice wasn’t easy. It also served as a reminder that, regardless of how close we are, there are still things I don’t know about her, and that there was a time when I wasn’t around to support her.

Yes, the procedure was painful and scary, she told me. But my mom was more upset about the fact that she was put in the position of having to make a decision to terminate her pregnancy in the first place.

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India – Aborting stigma

Aborting stigma
City-based artist Indu Harikumar talks about illustrating for a social media project that aims to normalise conversations surrounding abortion.

Published : Aug 31, 2019

A girl sits crouched in a turbulent ocean. A huge wave, reminiscent of Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, looms behind her, threatening to crush and drown her. But the girl cannot scream for help, because her lips have been zipped shut. A closer look at the picture reveals the cause for this enforced silence – an ultrasound image peeking out from under the current. The illustration is accompanied by a woman’s haunting words that reveal her abortion ordeal and is part of a crowd-sourced project titled #MyAbortionStory. The project, started by My Body, My Choice India — a social media campaign working towards ending the stigma surrounding abortion —invites people to share their abortion experiences and kick-start a conversation around the medical procedure.

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Australia – One woman’s journey with abortion when those close won’t help

One woman's journey with abortion when those close won't help

By Carol Rääbus
Aug 25, 2019

Jane* was told in her 20s she'd never have children.

So she certainly didn't expect to be accessing an abortion more than a decade later, let alone without the support she needed to do it her way.

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NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong Shares Her Abortion Story In A Powerful Call For Women’s Rights

NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong Shares Her Abortion Story In A Powerful Call For Women’s Rights

By Sam George-Allen

The debate over decriminalising abortion in New South Wales kicked off today, with a bunch of pollies taking the floor to have their say on whether women can be trusted to make their own choices about their own bodies.

It’s a heated issue on all sides, with many women calling for thorough decriminalisation of abortion, and preferably making it free to obtain as well.

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