USA – This One Question Always Trips Up Pro-Choice Politicians

This One Question Always Trips Up Pro-Choice Politicians
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By Christina Cauterucci
April 17, 2019

The interviews and town halls of a presidential campaign cycle can be mind-numbingly predictable. It’s usually easy enough for politicians and their teams to guess what issues will be on the table and prepare some responses in advance. At best, candidates will deliver cogent and/or inspiring arguments that will generate headlines and motivate voters. At worst, they’ll give boring, canned-sounding answers that won’t hurt them at the polls.

Bernie Sanders’ statement on abortion rights at a Fox News town hall on Monday night hit neither of those marks. Instead, he spewed forth a misinformed, ill-prepared sound bite that validated a dangerous set of lies about abortion care. Conservative news outlets are eating it up, using Sanders’ response to argue that left-wing politicians support a medical procedure that does not actually exist.