New Zealand – 2019 Women of Influence Awards finalists announced

2019 Women of Influence Awards finalists announced
Mikaela Wilkes
Sep 01 2019

82 finalists have been announced for the 2019 Women of Influence Awards.
2019 was a big year for Terry Bellamak, National President ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa. The crowning achievement of which, was of course, playing a pivotal role in driving Abortion Law Reform Bill discussions.

Bellamak has been nominated for the Community Hero category. "It's an honour," to be a finalist she said. "ALRANZ is fundamentally a community group."


Denying the right to an abortion is a form of tyranny

Denying the right to an abortion is a form of tyranny

Terry Bellamak
May 30 2019

OPINION: Alfred Ngaro speaks of poking bears. But bears come in all shapes, sizes, and political persuasions. And Ngaro has also poked a bear.

Last week, the National list MP claimed New Zealanders who have received abortion care couldn't possibly feel criminalised by accessing medical care that is criminalised. This ridiculous claim has inspired many women to speak out in a string of excellent articles: Paula Penfold, Liz Beddoe, Emma Espiner, Sophie Bateman, and Michelle Hickman. Many voices have risen up in defence of the basic human right to access medical care without judgment.


New Zealand – Some pregnancies are in the woman’s best interests. Others are not

Some pregnancies are in the woman's best interests. Others are not

Terry Bellamak
Nov 05 2018

OPINION: Karl du Fresne writes about his confusion that some pregnancies are celebrated and welcomed while others end in abortion.

I can understand why he might find it confusing. Du Fresne focuses his attention and his care solely on the foetus. You have to widen your focus to include the pregnant person's point of view in order to make sense of the matter.


New Zealand pro-choice campaigners hail move towards abortion law reform

New Zealand pro-choice campaigners hail move towards abortion law reform
Newly released review sets out way to make abortion a health rather than criminal matter

Eleanor Ainge Roy
Fri 26 Oct 2018

Pro-choice advocates in New Zealand have welcomed a law review exploring ways to decriminalise abortion and treat it as a health issue instead.

Advocates called the report “amazing” and said its recommendations were long overdue.


New Zealand – ALRANZ Applauds NCW Abortion Stance

ALRANZ Applauds NCW Abortion Stance

Monday, 3 September 2018
Press Release: ALRANZ

ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa (ALRANZ) congratulates the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCW) for reaffirming its commitment to reproductive rights by strengthening its position on abortion law reform at its annual conference in Auckland on Saturday.

NCW voted decisively in favour of the ALRANZ-sponsored remit to bolster its support for abortion law reform by calling for abortion to be “a standard part of health care – safe, legal and accessible”.


New Zealand – Terry Bellamak: Law commission has its work cut out on abortion

Terry Bellamak: Law commission has its work cut out on abortion
6 Apr, 2018
NZ Herald
By: Terry Bellamak

In February the Minister of Justice, Andrew Little, asked the Law Commission to undertake a review of New Zealand's abortion laws in order to transform abortion from a criminal matter to a health matter. It's a big job. It amounts to nothing less than reconceptualising abortion in the eyes of the law.

It is also a huge opportunity to bring relief to pregnant people who will be consumers of this service in the future.


An Irish abortion referendum raises questions on why NZ is still waiting

An Irish abortion referendum raises questions on why NZ is still waiting

March 14 2018

As Ireland presses on with a referendum that could modernise abortion laws in a predominantly Catholic country, it raises questions about how progressive New Zealand is with feticide laws.

Last week, the Irish government agreed the wording of its referendum. Voters will be asked if they want to repeal article 40.3.3 – a law that gives unborn foetuses and pregnant women an equal right to life.


New Zealand – It’s okay to be uncomfortable about abortion

It’s okay to be uncomfortable about abortion

Nicole Skews-Poole | Guest writer
Feb 24, 2018

With the announcement that Labour is moving towards abortion law reform, New Zealand is gearing up to talk about a topic that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So how can we acknowledge and move past the discomfort towards a law that works?

In case you didn’t realise, abortion is still in the Crimes Act. Provision is available through technicalities and regulated by a set of outdated laws. Patients and healthcare providers are required to jump through hoops and sometimes even lie to obtain permission from two certifying consultants.


New Zealand: The Government is out of touch on abortion

OPINION: The National-led Government is out of touch with reality around abortion in Aotearoa New Zealand.
December 16 2016

In order to access one of the safest and most routine healthcare procedures in the world, pregnant people must:

• See two certifying consultants who actually make the decision whether or not they can get an abortion (and sometimes the answer is no – 216 times in 2014).

• Tell the certifying consultants that their mental health will suffer if they are forced to bear a child against their will (which may be true, but the pregnant person's own decision should be enough).

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New Zealand: ‘Protesters, stop bullying abortion patients’

Teresa Ramsey/FAIRFAX NZ.

Last updated 10:42 22/08/2016

It would be an act of kindness for protesters to leave abortion patients alone, writes Terry Bellamak.

An open letter to anti-abortion protesters from the national president of ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa.

This letter was inspired by the story Kylie Gunn told of her medically necessary termination of her very much wanted pregnancy. I’m really sorry Kylie had to face that difficult prospect.

In Ireland and other countries where abortion is both illegal and harshly punished, she would not have had that option. She would have been forced to carry the pregnancy. I’m very glad she was spared such cruelty.

Approximately 94 per cent of abortions in New Zealand occur before the 14th week of gestation. Those that occur after are mostly the result of catastrophic issues with wanted pregnancies, like Kylie’s.

It is very easy to empathise with women like Kylie. But what about empathising with women who have unwanted pregnancies?

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