U.S.: Planned Parenthood anti-abortion protests met by counter-demonstrations

Planned Parenthood anti-abortion protests met by counter-demonstrations
Associated Press

Saturday 11 February 2017

Anti-abortion activists emboldened by the Trump administration staged rallies around the country on Saturday, calling for the federal government to cut off payments to Planned Parenthood. In some cities, however, counter-protests dwarfed the demonstrations.

Thousands of Planned Parenthood supporters, many wearing the pointy-eared pink “pussy” hats popularized by last month’s women’s marches, turned out for a rally in St Paul, Minnesota, separated by barricades from an anti-abortion crowd of a couple of hundred people.

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U.S.: Threats at abortion clinics rise since Trump’s election

Aneri Pattani, special to CNBC.com
Dec 15, 2016, CNBC.com

On a typical day, two protesters stand outside Choices Women's Medical Center in Jamaica, New York. The man hands out antiabortion flyers; a nun passes out rosary beads. For the most part, things are calm. Since Nov. 8, that is no longer the case.

Since the election, aggressive protesters have been flocking to the clinic, which provides abortions as well as gynecology, prenatal services and STD testing. On Saturdays dozens of protesters spread out half a block in either direction of the doorway, holding signs, screaming at women entering the clinic and impeding on the 15-foot buffer they are legally required to adhere to beyond the clinic doors.

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Source: CNBC