USA – Abortion storytellers and the harassment they face

Abortion storytellers and the harassment they face

By Steph Herold, opinion contributor

Next month, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in June Medical Services v. Gee, the first major abortion-related case to come before the Court since Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment to the bench. The case largely focuses on a Louisiana law designed to close abortion clinics by imposing the exact requirements that the Court declared unconstitutional in the 2016 case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

Yet this time around, abortion opponents are arguing that only patients, not abortion providers (such as Whole Woman’s Health or June Medical Services), should be able to bring these cases and that nothing prevents patients from doing so. This raises an unusual and pertinent question: is it reasonable to expect people seeking time-sensitive, stigmatized health care to drop everything and sue their state?


Calls for exclusion zones outside UK abortion clinics amid protests

Calls for exclusion zones outside UK abortion clinics amid protests
Group of 45 people stopped women as they left centre in Finsbury Park on Saturday

Aamna Mohdin
Sat 8 Feb 2020

A leading provider of abortion care has criticised the Home Office for refusing to introduce exclusion zones after a group of anti-abortion activists protested outside a north London clinic on Saturday morning.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas) said its clinic in Finsbury Park had never had any problem with demonstrations until Saturday, when staff and clients were met with a group of 45 people protesting outside the centre.


UK – Anti-abortion posters targeting Stella Creasy to be pulled

Anti-abortion posters targeting Stella Creasy to be pulled

Sep 30, 2019

An anti-abortion billboard campaign targeted at pregnant MP Stella Creasy is being pulled down amid claims the posters were a form of harassment.

The Walthamstow MP said she was being targeted by anti-abortion group CBRUK because of her pro-choice stance.

Clear Chanel, which owned the billboards, apologised and said it was taking immediate action to remove them.


Ireland – Anti-abortion activists ‘getting details’ of cases

Anti-abortion activists ‘getting details’ of cases

Ellen Coyne
February 1 2019

Anti-abortion activists who tried to coax a woman into a fake scan appointment also tried to report a separate termination to gardaí last week, The Times can reveal.

Activists working for the Good Counsel Network, which runs a rogue crisis pregnancy agency in Dublin, turned up at Drogheda garda station claiming to have knowledge about an abortion performed at Our Lady of Lourdes hospital. They called for the doctors involved to be investigated and possibly prosecuted.


Anti-abortion activists ‘obtain patient details’ and invite woman to fake scan

Anti-abortion activists 'obtain patient details' and invite woman to fake scan
'It's grotesque, it's disgusting,' minister says, as investigation launched

Zamira Rahim
Feb 1, 2019

Ireland's health minister has ordered an investigation after a woman's personal details were reportedly obtained by anti-abortion activists, before the information was used in a deceitful attempt to lure her to a location in north Dublin.

Simon Harris, who requested the inquiry, described the allegations as "extraordinarily concerning".


Abortion clinic safe-access zones face challenge in Australia’s high court

Abortion clinic safe-access zones face challenge in Australia's high court
Campaigners challenging Victorian and Tasmanian laws argue they stifle free speech

Melissa Davey
Mon 8 Oct 2018

The validity of the safe-access-zone laws in Victoria and Tasmania that prevent anti-abortion protesters from harassing women seeking medical treatment will be challenged before the high court on Tuesday.

The Victorian case has been brought by anti-abortion campaigner Kathleen Clubb, who was the first person to be convicted of breaking Victoria’s safe-access-zone laws in 2016. The laws mean anti-abortion protesters cannot protest within 150m of health and fertility clinics. Clubb was fined $5,000 for communicating about abortion to a woman attending an East Melbourne medical clinic. Clubb’s conduct was found to be “reasonably likely to cause distress or anxiety”.


Queensland doctors accused of ‘deep disrespect’ for women seeking abortion

Queensland doctors accused of 'deep disrespect' for women seeking abortion
Ahead of legalisation debate, pro-choice GP says regional doctors ‘dictate to women’

Ben Smee
Sun 7 Oct 2018

Doctors in regional Queensland routinely treat women seeking an abortion with “deep disrespect” and dictate scripture instead of dispensing medical advice, pro-choice GPs in the state say.

“Abortion is a mortal sin and you’ll go to hell,” one doctor reportedly told a woman in Cairns, who had asked about terminating her unwanted pregnancy.

Verona defies Italy’s abortion law and declares itself a ‘pro-life city’

Verona defies Italy's abortion law and declares itself a 'pro-life city'

Jessica Phelan
5 October 2018

Verona's town council voted to declare the northern Italian city officially "pro-life", prompting outcry from campaigners for reproductive rights.

Councillors approved a motion put forward by Alberto Zelger, a member of the League party, which declares Verona a "pro-life city", demands public funding for anti-abortion groups and calls for the council to promote a regional project that encourages pregnant women to give unplanned babies up for adoption.


Ireland – Abortion legislation could be delayed by further appeal

Abortion legislation could be delayed by further appeal
Joanna Jordan’s ‘reckless’ challenge to vote result dismissed by appeal court

Aug 28, 2018
Pat Leahy

Preparations to introduce abortion legislation and set up abortion services are continuing in the Department of Health while officials await a Friday deadline for a Supreme Court appeal against the result of the referendum to be lodged.

On Monday, in a strongly worded judgment, the Court of Appeal upheld a High Court decision earlier this summer which dismissed a challenge to the result of the abortion referendum.


Ireland – Shareholders in private hospitals threaten legal action to block abortion laws

Shareholders in private hospitals threaten legal action to block abortion laws


Minority shareholders in some private hospitals are threatening to block the new abortion laws in the courts.

They have outlined their demands in a letter to the Oireachtas Health Committee, saying they want their religious beliefs protected without being financially disadvantaged.