N. Ireland- DUP calls for its voice to be heard in Westminster abortion inquiry

DUP calls for its voice to be heard in Westminster abortion inquiry

Ellen Coyne, Senior Ireland Reporter
September 25 2018

The DUP has expressed reservations about a Westminster inquiry into Northern Ireland’s abortion ban, and appealed for all views to be represented.

The staunchly anti-abortion party, which is supporting the prime minister Theresa May’s Conservative minority government, has also claimed that some UK politicians have used the issue to try to embarrass the British government.

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Ireland – Anti-abortion group plans media assault

Anti-abortion group plans media assault

Aaron Rogan, Senior Ireland Reporter
September 17 2018

A leading anti-abortion group is planning to launch a media platform in response to the result of the referendum on Eighth Amendment in May, a letter to supporters has revealed.

The Life Institute, which ran the Save the 8th campaign, sent its members a 13-page document detailing how it lost the referendum and how it would respond. “Plans for a serious collaboration to establish a new media platform are being put in place,” it said.

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Anti-abortion demo held in Bern

Anti-abortion demo held in Bern

September 15, 2018

Around 1,500 anti-abortionists took part in a “March for Life” rally outside the Federal Palace in the Swiss capital on Saturday, amid a heavy police presence. A counter demonstration in the city attracted 800 people.

The “March for Life” demonstration, which aimed to raise public awareness about the consequences of abortion, was organised by conservative Christian groups, including the Swiss Evangelical Network and the Federal Democratic Union of Switzerland (EDU/UDF).

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No going back: The two sides in Argentina’s abortion debate

No going back: The two sides in Argentina's abortion debate

By Katy Watson, BBC South America correspondent, Buenos Aires
7 August 2018

It is the middle of winter in Buenos Aires, but a spring-like green has blossomed in the city in recent months.

Everywhere you go, you see women wearing emerald pañuelos (bandanas) around their necks, wrapped around their wrists, or tied to their bags.

The bandanas are the symbol of the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion which started in 2005.

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New Zealand – Both sides of abortion debate meet at Parliament

Both sides of abortion debate meet at Parliament
25 Jul, 2018

Both sides of the abortion debate met on Parliament's front lawn today in an orderly demonstration of free speech.

The Voice for Life pro-life group laid out 13,285 pairs of baby booties on the lawn to represent the number of foetuses aborted in 2017.

Voice for Life national president Jacqui de Ruiter said the group decided to create the graphic display following the release of the latest abortion figures to illustrate how many potential lives were lost through abortion.

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NI anti-abortion activists warn MPs over Westminster interference

NI anti-abortion activists warn MPs over Westminster interference

Jul 18th 2018

Anti-abortion activists from Northern Ireland have warned MPs that any move to change the region's laws at Westminster would cripple devolution.

Campaigners travelled to London on Wednesday to make clear their opposition to any relaxation of Northern Ireland's strict legal position on terminations.

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Ireland is the last Western democracy that still bans abortion, but that could end with today’s referendum

Ireland is the last Western democracy that still bans abortion, but that could end with today's referendum
Yes supporters say repealing the 8th amendment of the constitution in Friday's referendum acknowledges reality

Nahlah Ayed · CBC News
Posted: May 25, 2018

Twelve years ago, Tara Flynn became one of many Irish women who needed to "go to England."

Instead, she chose to go to the Netherlands — but the end result was the same: she had an abortion and flew back the very same day.

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On the Ground in Ireland: Fighting to Repeal Abortion Ban

On the Ground in Ireland: Fighting to Repeal Abortion Ban
Ireland's abortion ban "was a disaster for women’s rights, it was a disaster for the education of Irish children, but it really infected every aspect of Irish society and we are still undoing the legacy of this.”

May 23, 2018
Sarah Jaffe

In 1983, when Irish people voted in the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, the county of Donegal had some of the highest vote totals for the near-total abortion ban via fetal “personhood.” More than 80 percent of voters in the rural northwest of Ireland voted for the amendment. It was therefore a surprise to see it dotted with bright pink “yes” signs reading “Our Bodies, Our Choice” Monday and Tuesday before the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

The pink signs that I saw most often are from People Before Profit, a socialist party that organizes and holds elected office in the Republic of Ireland as well as in Northern Ireland, and I accompanied its canvassers into Donegal to see about the state of things in this conservative part of Ireland.

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Ireland – Yes or No? Immigrant communities add their voices to the abortion debate

Yes or No? Immigrant communities add their voices to the abortion debate
‘Many of those who do not have the right to vote are involved in campaigning for both sides. Even though they can’t vote it will still affect them’

May 16, 2018
Sorcha Pollak

A Chinese woman who miscarried in a Dublin hospital. A Polish man whose former girlfriend aborted their child without telling him. A Brazilian woman whose sister was violently raped at a bus stop. A Muslim man who says a foetus becomes a baby once it develops a soul at 120 days.

In 1983 the vast majority of people canvassing for or against the Eighth Amendment were Irish. More than three decades on, tens of thousands of immigrant women are now affected by our abortion laws. While the more than 535,400 non-Irish nationals living in Ireland will not be eligible to vote in next week’s referendum, many have joined campaigns on both sides of the debate to add their voices to an issue which, as residents in this country, directly affects them.

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Ireland – No sign of shift in abortion referendum that No campaigners need

No sign of shift in abortion referendum that No campaigners need
Analysis: Tonight’s RTÉ debate a chance for anti-abortion groups to influence swing voters

May 15, 2018
Pat Leahy

If there is to be a move in the abortion-referendum campaign, then this is moving week.

A slew of polls early in the campaign painted more or less the same picture: a substantial lead for the Yes side, and a pretty solid foundation for that support. That lead is not unassailable, and a dramatic late swing to the No side, of the sort we have seen in other referendum campaigns, could change the outcome.

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