Google Maps is directing British women to fake abortion clinics

Google Maps is directing British women to fake abortion clinics
'These groups are not pro-life – they are anti-women'

Sarah Young
Nov 5, 2018

Women in the UK seeking an abortion are being directed by Google Maps to pro-life organisations.

Search results for abortion clinics on the web mapping service suggest addresses and phone numbers for a number of “pregnancy crisis centres” - non-profit organisations which counsel pregnant women against having an abortion.


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How university campuses became ground zero for Canada’s abortion debate

How university campuses became ground zero for Canada's abortion debate

WARNING: This story contains graphic images

Brett Bundale · The Canadian Press
Posted: Sep 09, 2018

University campuses have increasingly become a focal point of Canada's anti-abortion movement, prompting a fresh debate over free speech and questions about what critics call misleading tactics.

"On campuses across the country, we have seen a rise in anti-choice groups," said Trina James of the Canadian Federation of Students.


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USA – Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Money for Nothing

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Money for Nothing
Despite unprecedented taxpayer investment, state-funded crisis pregnancy centers deliver few services

By Mary Tuma
Fri., July 20, 2018

"They won't tell you this wherever they do these things, but it's a very big risk. You may never be able to conceive children. There's about a 90% chance you may never be able to have children down that road."

That was one of the misleading and deceptive messages imparted to Laura Gor­sky and Breanne Wenke by crisis pregnancy center counselors during a March visit to the TruCare pregnancy resource center in South Austin. While there, Gorsky and Wenke were also sold a slew of other medically unproven information about abortion, including negative mental side effects and emotional distress, false claims debunked by the American Psychological Association. The procedure, they were warned, was "very painful," and they would "hear the vacuum sucking the fetus out."


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USA: Google search results for abortion services promote anti-abortion centers

Google search results for abortion services promote anti-abortion centers
When users seek facilities for the procedure, Google Maps often presents ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that discourage abortions

Sam Levin in San Francisco
Tue 13 Feb 2018

Google searches for abortion services direct users to anti-abortion centers across the US, according to a new report that has sparked concerns from reproductive rights’ groups.

In response to the question “Where can I get an abortion near me?”, Google Maps frequently suggests “crisis pregnancy centers”, which are often non-medical facilities that provide counseling meant to discourage women from having abortions.


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Australia: Women considering abortion are being dissuaded by supposedly objective counselling groups

Women considering abortion are being dissuaded by supposedly objective counselling groups
Cathy O’Leary, Medical Editor
Monday, 18 September 2017

The WA Government is reviewing its advice on abortions amid claims some counselling services claiming to be objective are actually trying to talk women out of terminations.

WA Labor is also considering banning protests near clinics to prevent pro-life groups harassing or pressuring women considering an abortion.

Health Minister Roger Cook said the Women and Newborn Health Service was using an expert clinical advisory group to ensure it was providing evidence-based, accurate information about terminations.

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U.S.: Catholic bishops’ agenda hurts families

Catholic bishops' agenda hurts families

Jon O'Brien
June 20, 2017

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is kicking off its annual Fortnight for Freedom in Baltimore tomorrow in a celebratory mood. Every year, the bishops present this event as an effort to defend religious liberty. But we’ve seen over five years its real intent: to galvanize the Catholic hierarchy around an agenda to discriminate against and impose their beliefs on Catholics and non-Catholics alike. And their persistence has paid off, despite very little support or attention from everyday Catholics.

Why? Because they found a benefactor unlike any other. President Trump has rewarded the bishops handily for their loyalty during the elections...

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U.S.: How Anti-Abortion Zealots Pose as Medical Professionals to Trick Pregnant Women

How Anti-Abortion Zealots Pose as Medical Professionals to Trick Pregnant Women

Callie Beusman
May 30 2017

Anti-abortion groups are opening fake clinics near actual reproductive health care providers across the country in an attempt to shame and scare women into staying pregnant.

On an overcast Saturday morning in late May, several protesters had gathered outside of Hartford GYN Center, an abortion clinic in Connecticut. Many of them were clutching rosaries, and some bore signs decorated with images of beatific infants, with the implication that similar infants were in immediate danger of being murdered. They were, by their own description, facing down "the Evil One;" later in the day, a protester would tell me that an acquaintance of hers had once seen the devil himself crouched atop a different clinic and mistaken it for a gargoyle.

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Ireland: To the woman who talked me out of having an abortion

To the woman who talked me out of having an abortion

By Taryn de Vere
May 11, 2017

These raw, powerful experiences were relayed recently to Taryn de Vere by 'Claire' - whose name has been changed to protect her privacy...

"I was a lone parent with one child and no family support. I received €222.80 a week from social welfare to cover the cost of housing, clothing and feeding me and my child.

I already had one abusive man in my life at the point I found out I was pregnant and thanks to you now I have two.

I came to you with a crisis pregnancy and unbeknownst to me you were anti choice. I actually remember you telling me that I “couldn’t possibly” have an abortion, as if the choice was yours to make.

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2017 ISSUE 1, Conscience
Abortion abortion access UK
Increased scrutiny reveals the deceptions and aggressions of antiabortion activists in the UK

By Clare Murphy / Posted Apr 19, 2017

In ‘Debating Abortion on Campus,’ published in the 2016(3) issue of Conscience, Jon O’Brien eloquently made the case for why prochoice advocates should not shy away from debate, documenting the censorship of the antichoice opposition that has crept onto campuses across the United Kingdom and the United States. “In a healthy society, people aren’t afraid to discuss things. We must never be afraid of the battle of ideas,” he wrote. Indeed. So why should women accessing abortion services be an exception, shielded from the ideas and opinions of protesters on the street outside? Should they, as the respected US lawyer and social critic Wendy Kaminer has argued, have to accept that “feeling intimidated, being confronted and ‘stressed’ by people who oppose abortion rights, is sometimes the price of free speech”?

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Ireland: Delay in reforming abortion advice clinics is inexcusable

Delay in reforming abortion advice clinics is inexcusable
February 21 2017, 12:01am, The Irish Times
by Brendan Howlin

Those on both sides of the issue can agree that lying to women is abuse. So why won’t Simon Harris update the law?
The abortion debate provokes strong emotions and arguments. We all recognise that and I hope we do our best to respect differences of opinion.

But there are some ground rules I thought we had all agreed on a long time ago.
One is that debate should be based on fact, not fiction. Another is that women in crisis pregnancies are entitled to support, information
and non-judgmental counselling if they want it.

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