‘Church greatest opposition to family planning in Nigeria’

‘Church greatest opposition to family planning in Nigeria’

On November 22, 2019
By Vincent Ujumadu

ANAMBRA State coordinator of family planning, Mrs Stella Ekweozor has accused the church of posing the greatest challenge towards achieving the goals of family planning in the country.

In an interview with Saturday Vanguard in Awka, Ekweozor said the resultant effect is that many women embark on unsafe abortion at the risk of their lives.

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Ecuador abortion: National Assembly rejects easing law in rape cases

Ecuador abortion: National Assembly rejects easing law in rape cases

18 September 2019

Ecuador's parliament has rejected a controversial bill to allow abortion in cases of rape, a proposal that exposed divisions in the traditionally Catholic country.

Supporters of the reform pointed to what they say is an epidemic of rapes of girls and underage pregnancies.

Some opposed it on religious grounds saying innocent lives would be at risk.

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Tanzania – Sexuality awareness programmes to restrain early pregnancies

Sexuality awareness programmes to restrain early pregnancies
In Tanzania abortion is legally restricted, permitted only to save the life of the mother. Chapter 16 of the Penal Code criminalises the entire process from attempting to procuring child destruction.

2nd July 2019
Gaudensia Mngumi

Section 150 of chapter 16, stipulates that it is illegal to procure own miscarriage making one liable to seven years imprisonment.

Anyone who supports that ‘illegal act’ by supplying drugs and instruments to procure abortion faces three years imprisonment in jail, states section 152. Furthermore, it is stipulated in section 219, that anybody who found guilty for of child destruction shall be convicted to life imprisonment.

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USA – Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives.

Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives.
Every pregnancy poses a “serious health risk” to the mother.

By Warren M. Hern
May 21, 2019

Pregnancy is a life-threatening condition. Women die from being pregnant. We have known that for thousands of years.

They die from hemorrhage, infection, pre-eclampsia (which can lead to fatal seizures), obstructed labor, amniotic fluid embolism, thromboembolism, a ruptured uterus, retained placenta, hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma and many other causes that fill the obstetrics textbooks. Modern medicine can prevent and treat many, but not all, of these conditions. Some potentially fatal problems cannot be foreseen or prevented. Pregnancy always comes with some irreducible risk of death.

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America’s Leaders Need Sex Ed

America’s Leaders Need Sex Ed
For those who want to regulate women’s bodies, ignorance has been no obstacle.

By Lauren Kelley
April 5, 2019

A few recent news stories have served as reminders that an awful lot of people lack even a basic understanding of the female body. And some of those people get to make and shape our laws.

There was the lawyer in Alabama who tried to justify an extreme anti-abortion bill that he helped draft by arguing that after a man and a woman have sex, “you can take her straight into a clinic and determine an egg and sperm came together.”

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Ireland, Enthusiastic About Gay Rights, Frets Over Abortion

Ireland, Enthusiastic About Gay Rights, Frets Over Abortion

By Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura
May 20, 2018

CARRIGTWOHILL, Ireland — When it comes to the Roman Catholic Church, Judy Donnelly has been something of a rebel over the years. Like much of Ireland, she supported contraception, voted in a referendum to legalize divorce and, three years ago, backed same-sex marriage.

That last vote was joyously celebrated around the country and the world, placing Ireland, which elected its first gay prime minister last year, at the vanguard of what many called a social revolution.

But when it comes to the historic decision on legalizing abortion, which will be put to the nation on Friday, Ms. Donnelly says she will vote no, as will enough of her countrymen and women, including lawmakers across the political divide, to throw the referendum result into doubt. Polls for the May 25 vote have narrowed so tightly in recent weeks that “yes” and “no” campaigners are not able to confidently predict a victory.

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Ireland – Anti-abortion campaigners dodging the real questio

Anti-abortion campaigners dodging the real question
What do we do about women with unwanted pregnancies if Eighth is not repealed?

April 18, 2018
Aine Carroll

As long as women can become pregnant, some of them will want or require abortions. Another way of saying this is that not all women who are pregnant are in a position to carry their babies to full term: some can’t and some, for various reasons, won’t.

Sometimes these decisions are medically necessary and sometimes they are not. Some people describe this as killing a baby who otherwise would more than likely have grown into a healthy child and they describe some or all abortions as “immoral”.

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‘Work actively’ to oppose abortion reform, Irish Catholics urged

'Work actively' to oppose abortion reform, Irish Catholics urged
Bishops make forceful intervention as Irish parliament begins to debate referendum bill

Henry McDonald
Fri 9 Mar 2018

The Catholic church in Ireland has called on its followers to vote against liberalising the country’s strict anti-abortion laws in a referendum in May, in its most forceful intervention yet in the debate.

As the Irish parliament began to debate a referendum bill, the bishops called on Catholics to “work actively” to resist change.

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Why Mexico Is Proof Anti-Abortion Laws Don’t Work

Why Mexico Is Proof Anti-Abortion Laws Don't Work
Araceli Lopez Nava Vázquez, Country director for Marie Stopes Mexico

Leticia had been bleeding heavily for two weeks when she arrived at Marie Stopes Mexico's clinic in Chiapas. Desperate to end her pregnancy, she had taken some pills from a friend. However as the days passed it became clear that something had gone badly wrong.

Despite excruciating pain and massive blood loss, she ignored her friend's pleas to seek medical help for fear of being thrown behind bars for procuring an illegal abortion. Until finally, weak from anaemia and wracked with pain, she struggled to our clinic, where my team diagnosed a septic abortion and referred her to the public hospital. Any further delay in treatment and she would have died.

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