USA – New Website Exposes Motives of Anti-Abortion Policymakers

by Center for Reproductive Rights
July 9, 2020     

Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights and Ibis Reproductive Health released a new interactive map, which shows the number of abortion restrictions in each state compared to the number of policies that support pregnant people, children, and families. The findings reveal a clear trend: states with the most abortion restrictions tend to have the fewest supportive policies for women and their families. Likewise, states with few abortion restrictions tend to have more supportive policies.

This new tool comes on the heels of last week’s Supreme Court decision in June Medical Services v. Russo, which struck down an anti-abortion law in Louisiana designed to close clinics. For now, abortion clinics in Louisiana will remain open. However, state lawmakers continue to pass abortion restrictions at an alarming rate.


US Supreme Court Undercuts Access To Birth Control Under Obamacare

July 8, 2020
Nina Totenberg

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it more difficult for women to get access to birth control as part of their health plans if their employer has religious or moral objections to contraceptives.

The opinion upheld a Trump administration rule that significantly cut back on the Affordable Care Act requirement that insurers provide free birth control coverage as part of almost all health care plans.


Croatia’s MP candidates oppose the right to abortion even for rape victims

July 06th, 2020
by: Katarina Panić

The right to abortion become one of the top issues during the campaign that precedes the parliamentary election in Croatia, scheduled for July 5. Abortion is legal up to the tenth week in the youngest EU member state. Yet, it is less available because of the cost, the social stigma and medical staff's right to refuse to provide them over the reasons of conscience.

Croatia's Constitutional Court ruled three years ago that abortion cannot be prohibited by law. Now, some rightists offer a solution for that as well – to abolish the Constitutional Court if it guarantees the right to abortion, including even raped women.


I run a Louisiana abortion clinic. Despite Supreme Court win, I’m nervous for our future.

States have passed hundreds of anti-abortion laws in the last few years. At the Supreme Court, we were successful in striking down just one.

Kathaleen Pittman, Opinion contributor
June 30, 2020

For six years, my lawyers have been fighting a law that would have shut down the abortion clinic I run in Shreveport, Louisiana — Hope Medical Group for Women. On Monday, we won in the U.S. Supreme Court, which struck down the law, meaning we can stay open for our patients. I am relieved that the court saw through Louisiana’s deceitful attempts to shut us down, but I'm still deeply worried.

I wish the relentless attempts by politicians to shut down our clinic would finally stop. I know they won’t.


Celebrate This Abortion Rights Victory. Then Prepare for the Next Attack.

Another abortion rights disaster has been averted, but don’t get complacent: More are on their way

Jessica Valenti
Jun 29, 2020

Remember what good news feels like? The Supreme Court ruled Monday against a Louisiana law mandating abortion providers have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals — a policy that could have closed down all of the state’s few abortion clinics.

Since there are so few bright spots these days, I plan on spending some time basking in the unfamiliar glow of a win — but, as NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue put it, “Let’s make sure we’re ready for the next attack.”


Bill to ban protests outside abortion clinics backed by MPs at first Commons hurdle

Bill to ban protests outside abortion clinics backed by MPs at first Commons hurdle
But despite support the bill is unlikely to progress without support from the Government

By Oliver Milne, Political Correspondent
24 JUN 2020

A bill to ban protests outside of abortion facilities has passed its first hurdle in the House of Commons.

The measure, which aims to end the intimidation of women on their way into or out of clinics, was passed with cross-party support after being introduced by Labour MP Rupa Huq.


Northern Ireland drags feet on abortion a year after UK orders roll-out

Northern Ireland drags feet on abortion a year after UK orders roll-out

Amanda Ferguson
June 24, 2020

BELFAST (Reuters) - Almost a year after the British parliament voted to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland, one of the last regions in Western Europe with a ban, women there face gaps in provision due to renewed local political roadblocks.

The region's socially conservative health minister Robin Swann has declined to order the health service to provide abortions, commission information campaigns, and also declined to introduce emergency telemedicine measures offered in the rest of the United Kingdom during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What if the Supreme Court Rules on Abortion and the Country Shrugs?

What if the Supreme Court Rules on Abortion and the Country Shrugs?
There’s a potentially catastrophic decision coming. If you’ve struggled to focus on it, I don’t blame you.

By Lauren Kelley
June 21, 2020

Remember early March — that week or so before we fully grasped how much our lives were about to change? I was in Washington, D.C., to attend what turned out to be one of the last in-person oral arguments at the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future — the big abortion case out of Louisiana.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, on that trip I also ate my last meal inside a restaurant for a good while (huevos rancheros and a margarita), went to my last cultural institution (the Smithsonian’s African-American history museum, where I at least avoided the interactive exhibits and winced at a toddler licking the wall) and shared my last hug with someone outside my home.


Croatia ex-president gives middle finger to anti-abortion politicians

Croatia ex-president gives middle finger to anti-abortion politicians

June 20, 2020

ZAGREB: Croatia´s female ex-president on Friday became the latest woman to give the middle finger to several conservative politicians for their anti-abortion statements during campaigning for next month´s parliamentary election.

Many Croatian actresses, journalists and other female public figures have taken part in the campaign which has seen women posting pictures on social media of themselves symbolically raising their middle fingers.


Election Campaigners’ Attacks on Abortion Draw Condemnation in Croatia

Election Campaigners’ Attacks on Abortion Draw Condemnation in Croatia
Responding to condemnations of abortion in the election campaign, women’s rights activists and a government minister have called them “unacceptable” and “barbaric”.

Anja Vladisavljevic, Zagreb
June 18, 2020

Strong condemnations of abortion – even when accessed by rape victims – by candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for July 5 have drawn an angry reaction from supporters of women’s right to choose.

In a video debate on Wednesday, organised by the daily Vecernji list, Goran Jandrokovic, from the ruling conservative Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, and the nationalist singer Miroslav Skoro, leader of the new right-wing Homeland Movement, expressed hostile views to all abortions – both agreeing that “life begins with conception”.