Abortion Bans Based on So-Called “Science” Are Fraudulent

Abortion Bans Based on So-Called “Science” Are Fraudulent
Our silence in the face of new anti-choice laws across the U.S. is deafening

By Nicole M. Baran, Gretchen Goldman, Jane Zelikova
on August 21, 2019

We are scientists, and we believe that evidence, not ideology, should inform health care decisions. The wave of anti-abortion laws across the U.S. is the latest in a long string of attempts to falsely use the language and authority of science to justify denying people their basic human rights and inflict lasting harm. Although abortion is still legal in every state, recent legislation in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio threatens the future of abortion rights in the country. Scientists should, first and foremost, value evidence, and the evidence is clear: abortion bans cause harm. They make abortions less safe and especially harm historically marginalized communities.

Continued: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/abortion-bans-based-on-so-called-science-are-fraudulent/

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A man threatened to “slaughter” abortion doctors. It’s part of a disturbing trend.

A man threatened to “slaughter” abortion doctors. It’s part of a disturbing trend.

Advocates say Trump’s rhetoric is helping fuel a spike in threats against abortion clinics nationwide.
By Anna North Aug 21, 2019

One man was charged with threatening to “slaughter and murder” doctors and patients at an abortion clinic in Chicago. Another was arrested in connection with threats against Planned Parenthood and federal agents. A third vandalized a Planned Parenthood office in Pennsylvania, painting a Bible verse in red on a wall.

All this happened in the past month alone. It’s part of what doctors and reproductive rights groups say is a spike in harassment and threats against abortion providers. According to a report by the National Abortion Federation, for example, providers reported 21,252 incidents of online harassment in 2018, compared with 15,773 in 2017.

Continued: https://www.vox.com/2019/8/21/20813894/abortion-clinic-farhan-sheikh-threats-title-x

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El Salvador: Evelyn Hernández cleared over baby’s death

El Salvador: Evelyn Hernández cleared over baby's death

20 August 2019

A 21-year-old woman in El Salvador whose baby was found dead in the toilet where she gave birth has been cleared of murder during a retrial.

Evelyn Hernández had always maintained she was innocent, saying that she did not know she was pregnant and lost consciousness during the birth.

Prosecutors had asked for a prison sentence of 40 years.

Continued: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-49368632

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The Last Places in Europe Where It’s Illegal to Get an Abortion

The Last Places in Europe Where It’s Illegal to Get an Abortion
European microstates are some of the richest countries on the continent, but human rights, including abortion, are curtailed.

by Sarah Souli; illustrated by Cathryn Virginia
Aug 19 2019

Lara hadn’t wanted to see the baby.

It wasn’t supposed to be hers, anyway; when she accidentally got pregnant at 18, she had decided the child would be raised by her aunt while she went off to university. The first few months of the pregnancy were normal: doctor’s visits, ultrasounds, the abrupt abandonment of cigarettes and beer. Then, around five months into her gestation, the pain and bleeding started. At the emergency room, a surprising diagnostic—fatally missed by her primary gynecologist—was announced. The baby was lacking two nerve bundles in its neck. A few days later, a second test with Lara’s gynecologist revealed a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The baby, doctors briskly explained to Lara, would be born “a vegetable.”

Continued: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/43kgn3/the-last-places-in-europe-where-its-illegal-to-get-an-abortion-v26n3

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Australia – Premier under abortion pressure

Premier under abortion pressure

By Andrew Clennell
August 15, 2019

Gladys Berejiklian faces great pressure from her Liberal partyroom to put the abortion legislation she supports through a proper and long parliamentary inquiry process, after the NSW Premier yesterday backed down and said she would back a possible ban on gender selection abortions.

It comes amid growing unrest among some federal politicians about NSW’s abortion laws, with LNP senator for Queensland and Resources Minister Matt Canavan backing former deputy prime minister John Anderson’s concerns about the NSW legislation.

Continued: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/premier-under-abortion-pressure/news-story/b0e2c566093833bf223d0a79fb39b723

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NSW – Gladys Berejiklian’s missed opportunity in abortion debate

Gladys Berejiklian’s missed opportunity in abortion debate

Peter van Onselen
August 9, 2019

Having listened intently to the abortion debate in New South Wales state parliament this past week, two things stand out: it is mostly men opposing removing terminations from the criminal code, and few if any of those advocating it remain a crime to have an abortion seem willing to argue that the law should be enforced.

How weird is that? So they want a law not enforced to remain on the statute books? I have heard senior politicians piously claim they are “on the side of life” when arguing against abortions. But how are they on the side of life if they won’t ensure the current law criminalising abortions is enforced? In short, they aren’t. It’s vacuous posturing at best.

Continued: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/commentary/gladys-berejiklians-missed-opportunity-in-abortion-debate/news-story/79447bd9b27d1060f9bd2dbb471e8188

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NSW abortion bill: Alex Greenwich hits back at claims of ‘unrestricted’ terminations

NSW abortion bill: Alex Greenwich hits back at claims of 'unrestricted' terminations
Conservatives opposed to historic reform should do their homework, independent says

Michael McGowan
Thu 1 Aug 2019

The architect of a historic bill to decriminalise abortion in New South Wales has hit out at opponents of the legislation, after a conservative MP wrongly claimed the bill would allow unrestricted abortion “until the moment of birth”.

The independent MP for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, tabled the bill on Thursday after it was delayed by a week by resistance within the Coalition government.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/01/alex-greenwich-hits-back-at-incorrect-claims-about-nsw-abortion-bill

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Europe’s patchwork of abortion laws is absurd. Rights must be made universal

Europe’s patchwork of abortion laws is absurd. Rights must be made universal

By Brinkwire on July 24, 2019

When I was 30, in 2011, I had an abortion. I was living in Berlin, a city known, since the fall of the Wall, for championing freedom. Or at least it was until attention turned to my womb. Born in France in the 1980s, and brought up on the internet, the Erasmus European studies programme and love without borders, I was under the happy illusion that everything relating to women’s bodies – from abortion to assisted reproduction – was covered by rights secured after long, hard struggles.

I blithely assumed that the milestones on the road to liberating French women – the May 1968 uprising, the 1971 “Manifesto of the 343” signed by women admitting to having had an abortion, Simone Veil, the health minister who legalised abortion, and the first test-tube babies – were all sufficiently European to be taken for granted, whatever the language.

Continued: https://en.brinkwire.com/canada/europes-patchwork-of-abortion-laws-is-absurd-rights-must-be-made-universal/

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Kenya – Health ministry must obey court on abortion guidelines

Health ministry must obey court on abortion guidelines

Tuesday July 16 2019

The High Court recently nullified the Ministry of Health’s withdrawal of service delivery standards and guidelines and a training curriculum on abortion that had been in force for close to six years.

When the current Constitution was being written, abortion was a major contentious issue. Some campaigners against the draft used abortion to get votes at the referendum. Many of abortion-based arguments were confusing, with opponents out to convince all and sundry that the new Constitution would open floodgates for abortion.

Continued: https://www.nation.co.ke/oped/opinion/Health-ministry-must-obey-court-on-abortion-guidelines/440808-5198506-xuya3mz/index.html

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Ireland – ‘What happened in relation to Holles Street was pretty disgusting’ – Simon Harris says exclusion zones will be a priority

'What happened in relation to Holles Street was pretty disgusting' - Simon Harris says exclusion zones will be a priority
“We shouldn’t have to change the law to have a basic understanding of decency,” Harris said.

July 11, 2019

EXCLUSION ZONES OUTSIDE hospitals and GP surgeries will be a “major priority” in the new Dáil term, according to Minister for Health Simon Harris.

Exclusion zones are intended to prevent protesters demonstrating within a certain distance of facilities providing abortion care.

Continued: https://www.thejournal.ie/exclusion-zones-around-hospitals-4720345-Jul2019/

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