Extensive New Body of Evidence on Abortion in Six Indian States Released

Extensive New Body of Evidence on Abortion in Six Indian States Released
Data Available on Abortion Incidence, Access to and Quality of Safe Abortion Services

Nov 12, 2018

Abortion has been legal under broad criteria in India since 1971, yet representative information on abortion incidence and access to abortion services in the country has been scarce. The results of a large-scale study titled Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion in India have now been released, filling a critical evidence gap. The results of the study—which was conducted jointly by researchers at the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, the Population Council, New Delhi, and the New York–based Guttmacher Institute—include a wide range of data on abortion in six Indian states: Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. These states are geographically and culturally diverse, and are home to nearly half of reproductive-age women in India.

Continued: https://www.guttmacher.org/news-release/2018/extensive-new-body-evidence-abortion-six-indian-states-released

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India – ‘Reduce Stigma To Make Women Comfortable Accessing Safe Abortions’

‘Reduce Stigma To Make Women Comfortable Accessing Safe Abortions’

Swagata Yadavar
August 7, 2018

New Delhi: Abortion was legalised in India almost half a century ago, yet unsafe abortions – performed in unhygienic conditions by untrained providers – are the third largest cause of maternal death. Nearly 78% of the more than 15 million abortions conducted annually in India are outside of health facilities, giving rise to safety concerns. There is only one licensed provider for 224,000 women in rural areas.

India allows medical termination of a pregnancy of up to 20 weeks’ gestation to be conducted by a registered medical practitioner. There have been attempts to amend the act to expand the provider base to include nurses and non-allopathic medicine practitioners, and extend the deadline to 24 weeks from the current 20.

Continued: http://www.indiaspend.com/indiaspend-interviews/reduce-stigma-to-make-women-comfortable-accessing-safe-abortions-88950

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