It’s time to lift the restrictions on medical abortion in Australia

It's time to lift the restrictions on medical abortion in Australia

by Caroline De Costa, The Conversation
April 1, 2019

Over the past thirteen years, many Australian women have used the drug mifepristone (RU486) to bring about a medical abortion.

Rather than undergoing a surgical abortion in a clinic or hospital operating theatre, a medical abortion is induced by taking drugs prescribed by a doctor.


Australia – Why conservatives are not making a fuss over Labor’s abortion policy

Why conservatives are not making a fuss over Labor's abortion policy

By Laura Tingle
Mar 13, 2019

Video (43 sec): Tanya Plibersek says there's been "a very big change in the Labor Party" regarding attitudes to abortion. (ABC News)

Last week, something extraordinary happened in federal politics and went virtually unmentioned.

The Australian Labor Party announced a policy that would have once been regarded as high-risk politics at the least.


Queensland doctors accused of ‘deep disrespect’ for women seeking abortion

Queensland doctors accused of 'deep disrespect' for women seeking abortion
Ahead of legalisation debate, pro-choice GP says regional doctors ‘dictate to women’

Ben Smee
Sun 7 Oct 2018

Doctors in regional Queensland routinely treat women seeking an abortion with “deep disrespect” and dictate scripture instead of dispensing medical advice, pro-choice GPs in the state say.

“Abortion is a mortal sin and you’ll go to hell,” one doctor reportedly told a woman in Cairns, who had asked about terminating her unwanted pregnancy.

‘Young and terrified’: the Queensland women forced to go interstate for abortions

'Young and terrified': the Queensland women forced to go interstate for abortions
Exclusive: An 1899 criminal code has required many women who need the procedure to travel interstate

Ben Smee
Sat 14 Jul 2018

More than 60 women from far north Queensland have been forced to go interstate to have abortions, often to Sydney, in the first six months of 2018.

Other women from regional parts of Queensland, where abortion remains a criminal offence under the 1899 criminal code, have taken round trips of up to 2,600km to undergo procedures, health professionals and support workers have told Guardian Australia.


Is abortion legal in Australia? It’s complicated

Is abortion legal in Australia? It's complicated

By health reporter Olivia Willis
May 25, 2018

Ireland has just voted on whether to lift the country's controversial ban on abortion.

But in Australia, whether or not abortion is legal depends on where you live — as does the cost and availability of the procedure.

And that's because abortion laws are made by state and territory governments, not the Federal Government.


Australia: Anti-Abortion Campaigners Are Calling Queenslanders To Say “Babies Will Die” If They Vote A Certain Way

Anti-Abortion Campaigners Are Calling Queenslanders To Say "Babies Will Die" If They Vote A Certain Way

"If Labor is re-elected more and more babies will never be born," the recorded calls claim.

Posted on November 18, 2017
Gina Rushton

Queenslander Chris Wright's landline is private but this week she answered the phone to a pre-recorded message.

The voice urged her to put the Labor government last at the state's upcoming election or else "more and more babies will never be born".

"It was just despicable and I'm so annoyed," the 57-year-old told BuzzFeed News.

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Australia: Century-old abortion laws force children to face court seeking terminations

October 10 2016 - 12:01AM

Tony Moore

A 12-year-old Queensland girl had to argue for an abortion in Queensland's Supreme Court in April 2016 despite having approval from her doctor, her family, her obstetrician and a public hospital for the termination.

"Q's case" has prompted two Queensland academics to argue it is time to change "outdated" 100-year-old abortion laws in Queensland and New South Wales.

"The decision of the health service to seek direction from the court underlines the fear and uncertainty on the part of doctors and administrators regarding the legality of abortion in Queensland," the authors write.

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Source: Brisbane Times

Australia: Case closed: experts loudly back decriminalisation of abortion in Qld

Doctors’ professional bodies have spoken out loud and clear in favour of the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland, write Caroline de Costa, professor of gynaecology, and Heather Douglas, professor of criminal law.

The report of the bipartisan committee of Queensland Parliament inquiring into abortion law reform in the statewas released at 5.17pm last Friday. The Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee was instructed to conduct an inquiry following the tabling of the Abortion Law Reform (Woman’s Right to Choose) Amendment Bill on May 9 by independent MP for Cairns Rob Pyne.

Pyne’s bill is the first attempt in history to remove the abortion offences from the Queensland Criminal Code (QCC) of 1899. These offences makes abortion a crime for doctors, women and any person assisting with an abortion procedure.

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