‘Why I’m Flying Home To Vote In Ireland’s Abortion Referendum’

'Why I'm Flying Home To Vote In Ireland's Abortion Referendum'
"When a woman gets pregnant in Ireland she becomes a second class citizen - this is not acceptable."

Christine Howell
May 14, 2018

A few years ago, Ireland made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A woman suffering a miscarriage turned up to one of our hospitals. She was denied an abortion and left miscarrying for five days. She later died of blood poisoning.

In our country, it is currently illegal to procure an abortion. The eighth amendment to our constitution sets out “the right to life of the unborn” and guarantees “to defend and vindicate that right.” This prohibits the state from legislating to allow abortion.

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Irish emigrants set to flock home for abortion vote

Irish emigrants set to flock home for abortion vote

Padraic Halpin, Toby Melville
April 29, 2018

DUBLIN/LONDON (Reuters) - Christine Howell planned to spend two years straight traveling and working in Australia from her arrival in Melbourne last December without breaking her trip to return home to Ireland.

The timing felt right. Howell, 27, had qualified as an optician but wasn’t ready to settle. Australia represented a chance for adventure before it was “home time and time to be an adult.”

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