Unplanned Is a Movie That Could Get Someone Killed

Unplanned Is a Movie That Could Get Someone Killed

Apr. 12, 2019
By Caitlin Moscatello

The makers of Unplanned, the anti-abortion propaganda film that’s earned more than $6 million since its debut in late March, waste no time getting to their point. Just minutes after the lights in the theater go dark, viewers are transported to what’s supposed to be a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, where an aspiration abortion (when a suction device is used) is taking place.

The dramatized scene includes a patient like almost every other patient in the film — young, white, pretty — with her feet in stirrups, the sound of a fetal heartbeat pulsing in the background. “Beam me up, Scotty!” says the doctor, and the young woman cries out as a nurse holds her down. “It hurts! It hurts!” she wails, to which the nurse barks, “You want it done, don’t you?” Moments later, the screen fills with an ultrasound image of a fetus wiggling away from the device.

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