Ireland – Anti-abortion activist faces legal action over new website

Anti-abortion activist faces legal action over new website

Ellen Coyne
February 11 2019

An anti-abortion activist is facing a legal challenge from a British abortion provider after he set up a website using a similar name.

Eamonn Murphy, who runs an unregulated Dublin crisis pregnancy agency which has given out misleading advice, had already been sent a cease and desist letter by the HSE after setting up a website under the same name as the official My Options crisis pregnancy phone line.


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Northern Ireland – Anti-abortion group targets North via Google

Anti-abortion group targets North via Google

Ellen Coyne, Senior Ireland Reporter
June 22 2018

An anti-abortion crisis pregnancy agency is targeting women in Northern Ireland after last month’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

Ask Majella, which is run by Human Life International Ireland, was previously exposed giving misleading “advice”. Activists were secretly recorded by The Times claiming that abortion causes breast cancer and could result in women losing their reproductive organs and that sex could kill.


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Ireland: Harris concerned by abortion counselling reports

An undercover investigation of abortion advice services highlighted information being given by one centre

Monday 05 September 2016, RTE News

Minister for Health Simon Harris has said he feels "a bit sickened" by reports concerning a pregnancy counselling centre and the kind of advice it seems to be giving about abortion.

Mr Harris said he was extraordinarily concerned and what he had read in the newspapers today was very alarming and very worrying.

He said he has asked his officials for an update and to present him with all policy options, including regulation.

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Source: RTE News

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Ireland: Abortion causes cancer, women’s centre claims

by Ellen Coyne, Catherine Sanz

September 5 2016, The Times

A Dublin-based pregnancy counselling centre has been secretly recorded advising that abortions cause breast cancer and can turn women into child abusers.

A counsellor at the clinic, which is unregulated under Irish law, was filmed giving advice to an undercover Times reporter that was described as dangerous, outrageous and inaccurate by the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
Undercover footage shows techniques to pressure women out of having an abortion

The Women’s Centre on Berkeley Street in Dublin 7 advertises itself as an impartial source of advice for women who want to travel to the UK to access an abortion but has direct links to a Catholic anti-abortion group. It claims to have clinics in Cork, Galway, Sligo, London and Bristol.

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Source: The Times UK

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