Kenya – Doctor tells court when law allows abortion

Doctor tells court when law allows abortion

Jul. 11, 2018
By CAROLE MAINA @mainacarole

The few instances where a doctor is forced to terminate a pregnancy include ectopic pregnancy or eclampsia, where a mother experiences high blood pressure, threatening her life and that of the unborn child. A gynaecologist yesterday explained to a bench of five judges situations where doctors are permitted to terminate pregnancies.

Dr Wahome Ngari of the Kenya Cristian Professional Forum supports the move by the ministry of Health to withdraw guidelines on safe abortion.


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Kenya – Safe abortion case puts Health ministry on the spot

Safe abortion case puts Health ministry on the spot

By Dzuya Walter For Citizen Digital
July 11, 2018

Fida Kenya and the Centre for Reproductive Rights are challenging the decision taken by the ministry saying it’s a violation of women rights. They further argue that the affected women are forced to seek abortion care from quacks and face serious risks of damage to their health and others lead to death. The lobby groups insist that it is important that the Ministry advises when health workers should provide safe and legal abortion.

The Ministry of Health has said it is in the process of getting new guidelines on safe abortion. According to Dr. Joel Gondi, Head of the Reproductive and Maternal Health Service Union, the government’s primary focus is to preserve life and reduce maternal morbidity.


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