Ireland – Eilis O’Hanlon: ‘Abortion battle is won, so what’s next on the agenda?’

Eilis O'Hanlon: 'Abortion battle is won, so what's next on the agenda?'
Those who campaigned to liberalise Irish abortion law are now in charge and will have no one else to blame for what goes wrong

Eilis O'Hanlon
January 6 2019

It may be the most overused word in politics, but, if anything deserves to be called "historic", the launch of legal abortion services in Ireland undoubtedly qualifies.

As of the first day of January, Irish women will now be offered terminations of pregnancy free of charge at home rather than having to travel to another country, and 20 of them called the HSE-funded MyOptions hotline in the first 24 hours of 2019 to speak to counsellors.


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