Ghana – Women urged to visit Marie Stopes for their family planning needs

Women urged to visit Marie Stopes for their family planning needs

Monday, 30 September 2019

Marie Stopes Ghana, has re-launched its centre at Kokomlemle in Accra with a call on women and girls to visit the place for all their family planning needs.

The contraception and family planning centre has been operating in the country since 2006 and provides services and information on sexual reproductive health to assist women during child birth.


Nigeria: How To End Unintended Pregnancies In Minors

How To End Unintended Pregnancies In Minors

on September 9, 2019
By By Media Advocacy Working Group

Women are most fertile and have the best chance of getting pregnant in their 20s. This is the time when they have the highest number of good quality eggs available and their pregnancy risks are lowest.

Based on this premise, going through labour and baby delivery should not be activities for minors, but in Nigeria, children getting pregnant and going through delivery is a common feature.


Nigeria – Why adolescents form major abortion victims

Why adolescents form major abortion victims

July 25, 2019

News of Aduke, 16 years was shocking and unbelievable. Based on profuse bleeding, from Aduke who collapsed suddenly on that fateful day, concerned persons that were sympathetic to her plight rushed her on emergency to the nearest health centre. After close examination, the care providers on duty, promptly referred Aduke who was a secondary school student to a general hospital. She had become unconscious.

Further medical tests on the patient however showed that there has been attempts to terminate a pregnancy. Doctors subsequently carried out some surgical procedures to perfect the abortion so as to save the life of Aduke. Sadly, she died on the operating theatre.


Nigeria – Family Planning Key To Reducing Abortion Rates Among Adolescents

Family Planning Key To Reducing Abortion Rates Among Adolescents

June 8, 2019
By Media Advocacy Working Group

When Udeme Akpa got admitted into secondary school, the joy of the parents knew no bounds. For them, it was like a prayer answered. As the first daughter of a family of eight, there were so many expectations including lifting the family from what could be described as ‘age-long poverty.’

Udeme, 18, was living up to expectation until the unexpected occurred. Her woes began one evening when a man in her neighbourhood gave her a ride to school.


Tanzania – The unsolved puzzle on family planning choice

The unsolved puzzle on family planning choice

Saturday May 4 2019
By Salome Gregory

We tend to imagine our future families coming on the heels of a well-laid plan, but the reality is that plenty of us become parents entirely by accident.

In fact, in Tanzania, an estimated one million pregnancies are unintended.


Nigeria – ‘54,000 unsafe abortions occur in Benue yearly’

‘54,000 unsafe abortions occur in Benue yearly’

2nd May 2019
Rose Ejembi, Makurdi

A gynaecologist with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Makurdi, Dr. Chisa Ugboaja, has revealed that 54,000 unsafe abortions occurred in Benue State annually with over 60 percent ending in severe injuries or even death.

The medical practitioner, who also canvassed the need for the state government to create a budget line for family planning, decried the high level of unsafe abortion in the state.


Your choice of family planning

Your choice of family planning

Dr Joel Akande by Dr Joel Akande
April 5, 2019

Contraception in professional terms is popularly known as family planning. Few events in medical practice invoke such a great motion as family planning. Perhaps, nothing is as distressing and confusing to an individual when a pregnancy has to be terminated. By its very nature, notwithstanding the law, termination of pregnancy, as we shall see, is not a decent or even ethically convenient method of childbearing control. Nevertheless, it happens so often in Nigeria.

In order not to undergo the dilemma and distress of termination of pregnancy, a most worthy alternative is to plan your family now. For this reason, I will be dealing with the issue of contraception in the articles that follow. Family planning, to put it simply, is a procedure or method to control the number of children and or pregnancy that the family or couple can look after.


Abortion care in Georgia: women face big disparity between law and reality

Abortion care in Georgia: women face big disparity between law and reality

8 March 2019

Georgia, a low-middle income country located at the crossroads between western Asia and eastern Europe, has come a long way since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Back then, violent civil unrest against the authoritarian government caused war on the streets of the capital, Tbilisi, and sent the government fleeing to Armenia. A three-year-long civil war created political instability and crippled the economy. Severe, countrywide corruption marred public and private institutions for decades, and issues like healthcare and social welfare were sent to the very bottom of the priority pile.

Since then, democratic reforms have been implemented and much of the country now dreams of joining the European Union. The iconic blue flags with a circle of gold stars hang everywhere – in youth centres, schools, hospitals and even people’s homes. To this day however, Georgia still faces major issues. Parts of the country are disputed and large chunks are under Russian control. Unemployment is high - currently 12.6% of the population are out of work, and this figure increases in rural regions.


Texas gave anti-abortion group millions for women’s health, despite warnings

Texas gave anti-abortion group millions for women's health, despite warnings

By Jeremy Blackman, Austin Bureau
Feb. 25, 2019

On a Monday evening in May 2016, Carol Everett sent an email to fellow anti-abortion activists detailing “an extraordinary pro-life opportunity.” Her nonprofit, the Heidi Group, she said, had spent the past year pushing for nearly $40 million in funding to help Christian pregnancy centers “bless many poor women” across Texas.

“It is no exaggeration to say this is the greatest possibility for expansion of pro-life care for the poor ever,” she wrote.


Turkey’s women face dangerous conditions to obtain legal abortion

Turkey's women face dangerous conditions to obtain legal abortion
Women seeking an abortion in Turkey face considerable danger and many hurdles. While the procedure is legal, experts say in reality there is a de facto ban, believed to be orchestrated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Date 27.01.2019
Author Burcu Karakas

"I thought I'd go to some sort of hospital. But instead, it was an apartment on the second floor of a three-story building. A man with a cigarette in hand opened the door. I entered an apartment with a living room and kitchen. The bathroom in what apparently was the parents' bedroom had been converted into an abortion room. The operating table was filthy and covered in blood."

Horror takes hold of Gul as she describes the place in Istanbul's Alibeykoy district where she went to have her pregnancy terminated. What she encountered was one of Turkey’s illegal abortion clinics, often housed in converted apartments despite the procedure being legal in Turkey.