Countries where abortion is legal – and where it is totally illegal

Countries where abortion is legal - and where it is totally illegal
In the most restrictive nations, women who terminate their pregnancies face lengthy jail terms

Mar 12, 2019

Women in England and Wales have had the right to seek an abortion since 1968, but more than 50 years on, many women around the world do not have the same choice.

A 2017 report by the Guttmacher Institute, which studies reproductive health laws, found that 42% of women of reproductive age live in countries where abortion is either banned or only allowed in specific circumstances.


Amendment to bill on grounds sought for abortion defeated in Dáil

Amendment to bill on grounds sought for abortion defeated in Dáil

Thursday, 29 Nov 2018
By Ailbhe Conneely, RTÉ News Political reporter

An amendment proposing that abortions are not sought on grounds of race, sex or disability under the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill has been defeated in the Dáil.

Following a lengthy and often tense Report Stage debate which began last night, TDs voted against the amendment by 71 votes to 21.


Ireland: No ‘test’ for rape victims under new abortion law

No ‘test’ for rape victims under new abortion law
Ellen Coyne, Senior Ireland Reporter

November 20 2017

Rape victims would be able to access abortions through a “health-led” rather than a criminal justice process if the Eighth Amendment were repealed.

Legislation being drafted by the Department of Health and the office of the attorney-general would not require women to prove that a crime had taken place before she could access a termination. The Times understands that abortions in cases of sexual crime would be a matter for “the woman and her doctor”, and there would be no obligation on the woman to report the crime to the authorities afterwards.

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Samoa: Govt. urged to amend abortion law

Govt. urged to amend abortion law

By Joyetter Luamanu , 29 August 2017

A call has been made by the Ministry of Health to amend laws that govern abortion in Samoa.

The call is made in their 98-page National HIV, AIDS, and STI Policy 2017-2022 obtained by the Samoa Observer.

“Abortion is illegal in Samoa and access to abortion services is critical to the health and wellbeing of (people living with) PLWHIV, dealing with a sexually transmitted infection, and survivors of rape and incest,” the report reads.

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The Big Read: Real stories of women who’ve had an abortion in New Zealand

The Big Read: Real stories of women who've had an abortion in New Zealand
Thursday Mar 16, 2017

Parliament will carry out its annual review of the Abortion Supervisory Committee on Thursday. Prime Minister Bill English has already said he doesn't want to change our abortion laws, which currently classes abortion as a crime.

The Herald put out a call for any women who'd had an abortion to share their experience, and whether they wanted to see change. These are their stories, as told to Frances Cook.

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Sri Lanka: Two faces of abortion

September 1, 2016, 9:19 pm. The Island

Continued from last week

Last week we saw how contentious the issue of (induced) abortion is in our country. Well, this is the case to be expected in many countries around the world. As much as the health professionals and activists are willing to see that their proposal to amend the present abortion law will go through the parliament, the religious organisations will not give an inch to upset the apple cart with regard to the present status of abortion law in the country.

Last week, His Lordship Bishop Dr. Emmanuel Fernando of the Catholic Church, in no uncertain terms, remarked that the position of the Catholic Church regarding abortion in fact is even a step ahead of the present Sri Lankan law, and in no circumstance humans have right to end life of another human being, whether it be inside the womb of the mother or outside. Even Ven. Dr. Dambara Amila Thero, senior lecturer in archeology, University of Sri Jayawardenapura held a similar view regarding the subject.

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