Queensland’s abortion law change improved access but ‘postcode lottery’ remains

Queensland's abortion law change improved access but 'postcode lottery' remains
Decriminalisation’s effect has varied across the state, but overall it has been judged ‘good news’

Ben Smee
Mon 5 Aug 2019

Seven months after the state voted to decriminalise abortion, there remains a “postcode lottery” in Queensland for women attempting to access termination services, but overall the effect is being seen as positive.

As New South Wales prepares to vote this week on a decriminalisation bill, the last Australian state to do so, doctors and support services in Queensland say access has improved in many places but demand for services has not increased.

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‘You were shamed, punished’: Queensland changes its mind on abortion

'You were shamed, punished': Queensland changes its mind on abortion
Next week the state will likely decriminalise pregnancy termination. It’s been a long time coming

by Ben Smee
Sat 13 Oct 2018

“They make me feel like a criminal,” says Brisbane woman Zena Mason. “I’ve been called a murderer for what I did. I have had the most vulgar comments. People seem to think I woke up one day and decided to have an abortion at 20 weeks.”

Next week, Queensland is expected to repeal the 119-year-old section of the state’s criminal code that makes abortion illegal. For more than 40 years, debate about termination of pregnancy in the state has been often emotional and vicious. Women like Mason wrestle with a grim choice, then find out they’re breaking the law.

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Queensland doctors accused of ‘deep disrespect’ for women seeking abortion

Queensland doctors accused of 'deep disrespect' for women seeking abortion
Ahead of legalisation debate, pro-choice GP says regional doctors ‘dictate to women’

Ben Smee
Sun 7 Oct 2018

Doctors in regional Queensland routinely treat women seeking an abortion with “deep disrespect” and dictate scripture instead of dispensing medical advice, pro-choice GPs in the state say.

“Abortion is a mortal sin and you’ll go to hell,” one doctor reportedly told a woman in Cairns, who had asked about terminating her unwanted pregnancy.
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