Busting Abortion Stigma with inroads

Busting Abortion Stigma with inroads

Mar 30, 2018
By Camila, YouAct member

Last week I entered a beautiful, stigma-free world: where people have access to legal, safe, and free abortions, where your economic situation, nationality, gender, disability, race, religion or age don’t limit your access to healthcare, where you don’t have to justify your decision to continue or end a pregnancy, where having the right to make your own decisions over your body is a given, where your emotions and feelings are taken seriously, and where diversity is celebrated. This world was the inroads Global Gathering, which took place in Zagreb from the 12th to 16th of March 2018.

I was invited to the inroads Global Gathering to present YouAct’s work on stigma busting through the ‘Speak My Language’ Project: two toolkits that explain abortion stigma with a focus on Eastern Europe and show how storytelling can be an incredibly empowering and effective tool to bust stigma.

Continued: http://youact.org/2018/03/30/busting-abortion-stigma-with-inroads/

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