Ireland – Women to get abortion pills direct from GPs

Women to get abortion pills direct from GPs

Eilish O'Regan
October 16 2018

Women who have a medical abortion can be dispensed medication by their GP or hospital doctor.

It will mean that women who avail of abortion, when the law extending the grounds for termination is in force, will not have to fill a prescription in a pharmacy.

This will help to preserve their privacy and avert the need to have to produce a prescription script in public.


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Ireland – No GP should be allowed opt out of abortions

Newton Emerson: No GP should be allowed opt out of abortions
Conscientious objection amounts to saying ‘We don’t serve your sort around here, love’

Thu, Jun 14, 2018
Newton Emerson

The UK supreme court sat for the first time in Belfast last month, hearing an appeal into the “gay cake” case, among others.

“People will of course not expect an answer any time soon,” the president of the court said upon reserving judgment.

Another thing nobody expects is for the court to let bakers opt into a register of those willing to ice gay cakes, comprising only a handful of bakers in the country, with people obliged to travel to find them.


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Ireland – Abortion provision is threatened by austerity

Abortion provision is threatened by austerity
Funding cuts are making GPs wary of providing terminations under new plans

June 1, 2018
Mary Favier

The removal of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution on May 25th guarantees improvements in the healthcare that can be delivered to Irish women and girls. The proposal to allow for unrestricted access to abortion up to 12 weeks has been given a clear mandate, with the Irish people voting two to one in favour.

It is reasonable to conclude that Irish general practitioners, reflecting the views of the electorate, were also largely in favour; indeed it could be argued that they will have been more likely to be pro-repeal as they provide healthcare to people who are pregnant and sometimes this involves crisis pregnancies.


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