What’s Become of All the Extreme Abortion Bans From This Year?

What’s Become of All the Extreme Abortion Bans From This Year?
By Amanda Arnold
Oct 2, 2019

The first six months of the year saw relentless attacks on abortion rights on the state level. Five states passed bills banning the procedure after six weeks, before many women even realize they’re pregnant. And in May, Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed a near-full ban on the procedure. The same month, Missouri — a state with only one abortion clinic — passed an extreme eight-week ban that didn’t include any exceptions for instances of rape, incest, or human trafficking. In all, seven states have passed similarly stringent laws in 2019, and more are considering them.

But in recent months, judges in many of these states have started to issue preliminary injunctions, which allow patients to continue accessing important reproductive care while the court hears the case in full to determine whether or not the bill is constitutional. In short, these court orders — also known as temporary blocks — maintain the status quo, allowing abortion to remain legal. Most recently, on October 1, a federal judge temporarily blocked Georgia’s ban.

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After Abortion Ban Attempt in Alabama, a Flood of Confusion and Phone Calls

After Abortion Ban Attempt in Alabama, a Flood of Confusion and Phone Calls

August 27, 2019
by Catherine Trautwein

Pro-choice demonstrators protest outside the state capitol during the March For Reproductive Freedom in Montgomery, Alabama May 19, 2019. (Seth Herald/AFP)

Almost daily, the Reproductive Health Services clinic in Montgomery, Alabama, receives several versions of the same call: “Are y’all still doing abortions? Have they outlawed it in Alabama? Where can I go?”

The confusion is understandable. In May, Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, which aimed to outlaw abortions in all cases except when the mother’s life was at risk. The passage of the strictest anti-abortion measure in the country made national news.

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USA – New Laws Deepen State Differences Over Abortion

New Laws Deepen State Differences Over Abortion

July 30, 2019
By: Christine Vestal

More state abortion laws were enacted this year than at any time since 1973, the year the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Roe v. Wade that women have a constitutional right to end their pregnancy.

Many of the new laws — either banning or protecting the right to abortion — came in reaction to President Donald Trump’s second nomination of a conservative justice to the high court, creating the possibility that the historic abortion rights decision could be overturned.

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U.S. state restrictions on abortion are anti-secular

Stuart Chambers: U.S. state restrictions on abortion are anti-secular
Pro-choice supporters better be ready to stand up for secularism because anti-abortion forces have already decided that belief trumps truth.

Stuart Chambers
Updated: June 2, 2019

The U.S. is a nation that prides itself on separating church and state — that is, unless the issue is abortion. A recent rash of state restrictions on abortion procedures clearly demonstrates two fundamental truths: first, the Christian right dismisses evidence-based inquiry; second, it seeks to make religion operative within secular law.

When lobbying for abortion restrictions, anti-abortion lobbyists and politicians tend to ignore empirical studies that counter their narrative that abortion is dangerous. One myth surrounds the alleged psychological harm to women who have had abortions. The data, however, contradicts this claim.

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Saudi Arabia’s abortion laws are more forgiving than Alabama’s

Saudi Arabia’s abortion laws are more forgiving than Alabama’s

By Ephrat Livni
May 25, 2019

The United States prides itself on being the land of the free and the home of the brave, a place that protects individual liberty and prizes privacy. Yet the freedom of women in the US is increasingly being threatened by highly restrictive abortion bans, passed at the state level, which violate the US Constitution. These laws make the legal codes of many Muslim-majority societies in the Middle East and North Africa seem more free, a fact that may surprise freedom-prizing Americans.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported this week (paywall) that the abortion bans just passed in Alabama and Georgia are more restrictive than prohibitions in about half of the Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East.

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ACLU, Planned Parenthood bring lawsuit against Alabama abortion law

ACLU, Planned Parenthood bring lawsuit against Alabama abortion law

By Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN
Fri May 24, 2019

Washington (CNN)The American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit Friday against Alabama's abortion law, the latest in legal challenges to state legislation that place restrictions on abortions.

Alabama's near-total ban -- the most restrictive abortion law in the country -- would punish doctors who perform the procedure with up to 99 years in prison and does not include exceptions for cases of rape and incest. Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed the bill into law last Wednesday, but it does not take effect until November.

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Connecting the dots on the Alabama abortion story

Connecting the dots on the Alabama abortion story
[A roundup of notable news stories on the new Alabama law]

By Jon Allsop, CJR
May 20, 2019

“It’s time to hear Alabama’s women.” That was the headline on identical front pages published yesterday by The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times, and the Mobile Press-Register, three titles within the Alabama Media Group. Last week, after lawmakers in the state pushed through a near-total ban on abortion, the three papers invited readers to weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in Alabama; within 24 hours, more than 200 had responded. Yesterday, the papers published many of the essays they received. “Alabama was the talk of the nation last week as the most restrictive abortion ban in the country became law,” Kelly Ann Scott, who edits the three titles, wrote in an introduction to the package. “But, missing from many of those conversations were the voices of women from this state.”

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From Alabama to Armagh, women are on the front line waging the ‘war on abortion’

From Alabama to Armagh, women are on the front line waging the ‘war on abortion’
Far from being driven just by men, many female voices are heard in the anti-choice lobby

Catherine Bennett
Sat 18 May 2019

Intensifying campaigns to criminalise all abortion in the US have been summarised, accurately, as a war on women, one that calls on women to, as the presidential contender Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has put it, “fight like hell”.

In terms of knowing the enemy, much of it, in the US, will certainly resemble the Alabama misogynists – the 25 white, male, no longer young Republicans who have just stripped half their state’s population of reproductive rights. Photographs have been generously distributed. But, as the men would probably be the first to admit, they couldn’t have ushered in a generation or more of unwanted children without assistance from at least two women combatants, Terri Collins and the state governor, Kay Ivey.

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What Actually Happens When a Country Bans Abortion

What Actually Happens When a Country Bans Abortion
Romania under Ceausescu created a dystopian horror of overcrowded, filthy orphanages, and thousands died from back-alley abortions.

By Amy Mackinnon
May 16, 2019

As lawmakers in Alabama this week passed a bill that would outlaw abortion in the U.S. state entirely, protesters outside the statehouse wore blood-red robes, a nod to Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, in which childbearing is entirely controlled by the state. Hours later, the book was trending on Twitter.

But opponents of the restrictive abortion laws currently being considered in the United States don’t need to look to fiction for admonitory examples of where these types of laws can lead. For decades, communist Romania was a real-life test case of what can happen when a country outlaws abortion entirely, and the results were devastating.

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