N.Ireland – Efforts to bring abortion to North ‘insidious,’ says Foster

Efforts to bring abortion to North ‘insidious,’ says Foster
DUP leader says renewed effort to bring in same sex marriage likely to succeed

July 21, 2019
Gerry Moriarty

Efforts to bring in abortion legislation through the Northern Ireland Bill currently making its way through Westminster were “insidious”, the DUP leader Arlene Foster said on Sunday.

Under the Bill, same sex marriage and a more liberal abortion regime would be introduced to Northern Ireland unless the Northern Executive and Assembly, which has been suspended for more than two-and-a-half years, was restored by October 21st this year.

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Ireland – Thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators attend Rally for Life

Thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators attend Rally for Life
Campaigners march through Dublin with banners stating ‘abortion steals hope’

Sat, Jul 6, 2019
Sarah Burns

Thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators turned out in Dublin on Saturday afternoon for the annual Rally for Life.

Campaigners marched from Parnell Square to the Custom House with banners stating “abortion steals hope” and “the future is pro life” and chanting “hey hey ho ho Simon Harris has to go”.

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What’s been happening in Ireland & International Women’s Day in Norway

FEATURE: What's been happening in Ireland & International Women’s Day in Norway

International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
18 March 2019

In the midst of the continuing shower of news from all over the world that I share with you, I’ve been collecting stories for a feature on Ireland. This is not a definitive piece, that will come from those who have been on the frontlines, but is based primarily on written information from a few key people and what has been in the media. This history describes an almost unique series of events, and one worth learning from. It’s a story of optimism winning over pessimism, of passionate positive action breaking down out-of-date barriers, and particularly of women’s personal stories, doorstep advocacy, highly visible supportive doctors and policymakers, all working with government to change the mindset of a nation and win a critical mass of support. They successfully created a sea-change in law, policy and service delivery in the blink of an eye. Edited by Marge Berer

The story in a nutshell
It took only seven months from the referendum that repealed the 8th Amendment to the Constitution in May 2018 for the law to be changed, providers trained, methods approved and ordered, and abortion services to become available officially in Ireland on 2 January 2019, free for everyone who is covered by existing schemes, such as the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme.

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Irish ban on funding abortion services in developing world to be lifted

Irish ban on funding abortion services in developing world to be lifted
Restrictions on use of aid money to be set aside following abortion reform in Ireland

Mar 3, 2019
Pat Leahy

A ban on the use of Irish government aid money to fund abortion services in developing countries is likely to be set aside as a consequence of the changes to the legalisation on abortion in Ireland.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it will launch a new initiative on “sexual and reproductive health and rights” in the developing world as part of the work of Irish Aid, the development aid programme of the government.

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Ireland – Abortion guidelines for girls under 15 cause unease among doctors

Abortion guidelines for girls under 15 cause unease among doctors
Access to services without parental consent to be had in ‘exceptional circumstances’

Dec 23, 2018
Paul Cullen

Girls aged 15 and under will be able to get an abortion without the involvement of their parents or another adult “in exceptional circumstances”, according to the Health Service Executive guides to the termination of pregnancies.

A doctor offering the abortion to the young woman who chooses not to involve an adult is required to complete an assessment, the as-yet-unpublished guides state.

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Ireland’s Bill Legalizing Abortion Has Made It Through The Parliament After A Historic Vote

Ireland's Bill Legalizing Abortion Has Made It Through The Parliament After A Historic Vote

By Seth Millstein
Dec 14, 2018

Six months after Irish voters abolished the country's constitutional ban on abortion, a bill in Ireland legalizing abortion has passed parliament, paving the way for the procedure to be widely available in the conservative Catholic country. Prime Miniser Leo Varadkar celebrated the bill's passage on Twitter, and President Michael D. Higgins, a longtime supporter of abortion rights, is expected to sign it into law.

"This is a genuinely historic moment," Health Minister Simon Harris, who helped shepherd the bill through parliament, told the Irish Times. "It is the start of a new era for women’s healthcare." On Twitter, Harris characterized the bill's passage as a "vote to end lonely journeys, end the stigma and support women’s choices in our own country."

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‘Historic moment’ as Irish parliament legalises abortion

'Historic moment' as Irish parliament legalises abortion

December 14, 2018

Ireland’s parliament passed a landmark legislation to make abortion legal for the first time in the Catholic-majority country, a “historic moment” which came after an Indian dentist died from blood poisoning in 2012 when the doctors refused her repeated requests to abort the foetus.

Ireland voted decisively to change the Constitution to repeal the Eighth Amendment in May, with 66.4 per cent voting in favour of new legislation to allow for the termination of pregnancies.

“The bill that allows for the introduction of abortion services in Ireland has passed all stages of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) and will now go to President Michael D Higgins to be signed into law,” Irish Broadcaster RTE reported on Thursday.

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Ireland – ‘Doctors divided as HSE rushes to tick boxes on abortion’

Maeve Sheehan: 'Doctors divided as HSE rushes to tick boxes on abortion'
Pressure is mounting for the January 1 start date for termination services to be put back

Maeve Sheehan
December 9 2018

There are 22 days to go before the roll-out of abortion services on January 1. It should be a historic occasion when the overwhelming support shown by Irish voters for a woman's right to choose becomes reality.

But as the deadline looms, disquiet among some doctors that it is ambitious to the point of being unsafe has grown louder.

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Irish Lawmakers Vote to Allow Abortion, Part of Landmark Liberal Shift

Irish Lawmakers Vote to Allow Abortion, Part of Landmark Liberal Shift

By Ed O’Loughlin
Dec. 6, 2018

DUBLIN — Fighting off last-ditch resistance, Irish lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill introducing free and legal abortion to a nation that was long a bastion of staunchly conservative Catholicism, seven months after voters repealed a constitutional ban on abortion.

An often heated session of the Parliament’s lower house on Wednesday had to be extended several times, as a small number of members — mainly independent conservatives — talked at length on dozens of amendments, almost all of which were voted down by large majorities. The bill’s opponents attempted to prolong the debate even further, which could have derailed the government’s plan to make abortion available in January.

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Ireland – Abortion: Wait rather than risk a tragedy

Abortion: Wait rather than risk a tragedy

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Government hopes to pass abortion legislation before Christmas and Taoiseach Leo Varadakar has said he is confident the Government’s timeline to have pregnancy termination services available in January 2019 can be met.

Those are both big asks as the process of setting up the service has already met a number of hurdles. In the first instance, there remains a cohort of TDs and senators opposed to introducing abortion services here and they will do anything they can to stop or delay it.

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