Abortion: Dublin’s annual ‘March for Choice’ to take place today

Abortion: Dublin's annual 'March for Choice' to take place today

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) is staging its annual 'March for Choice' in Dublin this afternoon.

Supporters will gather at the Garden of Remembrance at 1.30pm before marching through the city under the theme 'Free, Safe and Legal'.

The march will be the first since Ireland voted to repeal the 8th Amendment.

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Thousands join march for all-Ireland abortion services

Thousands join march for all-Ireland abortion services

September 29, 2018
Press Association 2018

Thousands of people have taken part in a pro-choice march calling for the swift implementation of abortion services in Ireland.

There was celebratory tone to the annual March for Choice as demonstrators made their way through Dublin’s main thoroughfares on Saturday afternoon.

It was the first march since the electorate voted overwhelmingly in favour of liberalising Ireland’s strict abortion laws.

Continued: https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/national/16950596.thousands-join-march-for-all-ireland-abortion-services/

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From Linda Kavanagh to Tracy Harkin: A guide to who’s who in Ireland’s divisive abortion debate

From Linda Kavanagh to Tracy Harkin: A guide to who's who in Ireland's divisive abortion debate
With Ireland's landmark referendum on the Eighth Amendment looming, voices on both sides of the abortion debate are getting ­ louder. But who exactly is lining out?

John Meagher
February 4 2018

It has been a momentous week for campaigners on both sides of the great abortion debate as it was finally confirmed that a referendum would be held this summer. Friday, May 25, is thought to be the most likely day for the referendum, one that pro-choice supporters hope will forever lift the ban on abortion.

But despite a series of opinion polls that indicate that the majority of the country wants change, the pro-life side believes a large cohort of people opposed to abortion have not had their voices heard.

Continued: https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/abortion-referendum/from-linda-kavanagh-to-tracy-harkin-a-guide-to-whos-who-in-irelands-divisive-abortion-debate-36558195.html

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Irish health minister defends abortion ban referendum

Irish health minister defends abortion ban referendum

The Associated Press
Gregory Katz
January 30, 2018

LONDON — Irish women are having abortions regardless of a near-total constitutional ban on terminating pregnancies, the country’s health minister said Tuesday in defence of a planned referendum that will ask voters whether the amendment should be repealed.

Health Minister Simon Harris said on Ireland’s RTE television that he is beginning work on a proposed abortion law that would be submitted to parliament if the May referendum removes the constitutional ban. The legislation would allow abortions during the first trimester, he said.

Continued: http://nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/irish-health-minister-working-on-proposed-new-abortion-law

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Ireland: Restrict ‘keyboard warriors’ in abortion debate

Restrict ‘keyboard warriors’ in abortion debate

02 October 2017

Reporting restrictions imposed on broadcast stations during referendums should be adopted for the online world due to the “horrible” nature of “keyboard warrior” attacks during the early stages of the pro-choice and pro-life Eighth Amendment campaigns, writes Fiachra O’Cionnaith.

Labour TD Joan Burton and Fianna Fáil health spokesperson Billy Kelleher said Government should consider the move in a bid to limit the potential damage caused by the most extreme elements of both campaigns during the debate on the issue over the coming months.

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Ireland: Zappone: public would reject full liberalisation of abortion laws

Zappone: public would reject full liberalisation of abortion laws
Minister for Children says she wants to encourage ‘conversations’ in run-up to referendum

Fri, Sep 29, 2017
Mary Minihan

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone has said she believes the public would not support a referendum proposing the extensive liberalisation of Ireland’s abortion laws recommended by the Citizens’ Assembly.

Her comments come as the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment said it would oppose any “watering down” of the assembly recommendations, including the recommendation of 64 per cent of its members that termination of pregnancy without restriction should be lawful.

Continued at source: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/zappone-public-would-reject-full-liberalisation-of-abortion-laws-1.3238976

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Ireland: Film rating ‘stigmatises abortion’

Film rating ‘stigmatises abortion’
Critics say 16 rating for Twice Shy is out of touch and hinders vital debate

Eithne Shortall
June 25 2017, The Sunday Times

A new Irish movie that discusses abortion has been given a 16 rating by the film classification office. The decision has been criticised by pro-choice campaigners as “ridiculous”, “stigmatising” and “out of touch”.

Judged by the four criteria that the Irish Film Classification Office (Ifco) generally uses — violence, language, sex/nudity, drug use — Twice Shy would be expected to get a 12A rating. However, Ifco has decided it is only suitable for people aged 16 and over because of the abortion theme.

Continued at source: UK Times: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/ireland/film-rating-stigmatises-abortion-qhcw3708w

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Ireland must deal with abortion issue ‘definitively’, says Health Minister

Ireland must deal with abortion issue 'definitively', says Health Minister
Tuesday 20th June 2017

Health Minister Simon Harris says Ireland must deal with abortion "definitively", after two women who had attempted suicide more than once were refused abortions in Ireland.

The Abortion Support Network says the women were both immigrants who needed visas if they were going to travel to the UK for a legal termination.

One of the pregnancies had been diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality.

Last night, Minister Harris said that he would make all possible resources available to draft legislation for a referendum on the issue.

Continued at source: WLR-FM: http://www.wlrfm.com/news/national/118035-ireland-must-deal-with-abortion-issue-definitively-says-health-minister.html

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Ireland: Cautious welcome for new Taoiseach’s 2018 Repeal referendum

Cautious welcome for new Taoiseach’s 2018 Repeal referendum

June 16, 2017
Referendum on the 8th Amendment could be a step forward for Ireland

Speaking today in response to the announcement of a referendum to take place in 2018, Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) spokesperson Linda Kavanagh said, “We’d obviously welcome it, however we reserve judgement until the wording of the referendum is revealed. We fear that it will offer only very limited abortion access and repeat the failures of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act. We need broad-based legislation so that real and realistic access is given, otherwise thousands will still travel or break the law by importing and taking abortion pills.”

Continued at source: Abortion Rights Campaign: https://www.abortionrightscampaign.ie/2017/06/16/cautious-welcome-for-new-taoiseachs-2018-repeal-referendum/

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Irish Teenager Who Asked For An Abortion Was Sectioned Under Mental Health Act

Irish Teenager Who Asked For An Abortion Was Sectioned Under Mental Health Act
She was held in a mental health unit against her will.

June 13, 2017
Sara C Nelson Senior Editor, The Huffington Post UK

An Irish teenager who requested an abortion was instead sectioned and held in a mental health unit against her will.

The girl, whose name has not been released, was seen by a consultant psychiatrist who “was of the opinion that while the child was at risk of self-harm and suicide as a result of the pregnancy, this could be managed by treatment and that termination of the pregnancy was not the solution for all of the child’s problems at that stage.”

The girl and her mother had believed they were being “transferred to Dublin for a termination and she was very agitated when she found that she was being admitted to a mental health unit.”

Continued at source: Huffington Post UK: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/irish-teenager-who-asked-for-an-abortion-is-sectioned-under-mental-health-act_uk_593fd4d7e4b02402687ca82e

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