Malawi: Gynaecologist Sheds Light On Abortion Law Reform in Malawi

Malawi: Gynaecologist Sheds Light On Abortion Law Reform in Malawi

By Dr Chisali Mhango
May 7, 2018

Renowned Malawian gynaecologist Dr Chisali Mhango sheds light on abortion law history, misconceptions, fears and law reform process in Malawi.

Abortion is a very common universal phenomenon. Since the beginning of recorded history women the world over have terminated unwanted pregnancies. The first recorded evidence of an induced abortion is found in an Egyptian Papyrus dated 1550 BC. Of 213 million pregnancies that occur each year worldwide, 40% are unplanned, of these half end in abortion, and half of those abortions are unsafe, that is 22 million,


Feature: Doctors who are our role models and our inspiration – Dame Margaret Sparrow, New Zealand, and Prof Mahmoud Fathalla, Egypt

2 December 2016, by Safe Abortion

"Dame Margaret Sparrow was 21 when she carried out her do-it-yourself abortion. The year was 1956; if you didn't want a baby, there were few ways out. She sent away for an inky-black elixir from a chemist rumoured to know about such things, and it arrived in the post in a brown paper bag.

Professor Mahmoud F Fathalla: "unarguably the greatest women's health rights champion of the last century" at 80-something

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Source: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion