When the U.S. Pulls the Funding Plug, How Do Reproductive Health Providers Proceed?

When the U.S. Pulls the Funding Plug, How Do Reproductive Health Providers Proceed?

Yam Kumari Kandel Senior Reporter
Linda Mujuru Reporter
Prudence Phiri Lead Reporter
Nakisanze Segawa Reporter
May 12, 2019

In 2017, the United States reenacted a policy that dramatically limited how reproductive healthcare providers around the world could use its money. But proving the policy’s actual impact on reproductive health programs worldwide, from Nepal to Zimbabwe, is difficult: Some providers found funding elsewhere, while others are reluctant to share information about their work, leading to a lack of data.

SURKHET, NEPAL — Kaushila BK and her husband, Dilip BK, have a son and a daughter. They say they can’t afford any more children.

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Trump Is Doubling Down On His Already Expansive Anti-Abortion Foreign Policy

Trump Is Doubling Down On His Already Expansive Anti-Abortion Foreign Policy
Trump’s rule banning US funding from groups that “provide or promote” abortion was already further-reaching than any previous Republican president’s.

Ema O'Connor BuzzFeed News Reporter
Posted on March 26, 2019

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration will expand its anti-abortion rules abroad, a move that many international health organizations say worsens an already devastating policy for women’s health.

The State Department announced Tuesday the administration will expand a rule that blocks US funding from any international nongovernmental organization that “provides or promotes abortion as a method of birth control.” The rule, called the Mexico City Policy, will now not only apply to organizations receiving US funding, but any local organizations those organizations support. Many groups that rely on US funding stopped doing international aid work related to abortion in order to keep those funds. The expanded rule will mean that they will have to stop giving financial support to other groups doing that work as well, even if they were using non-US or private funds to provide that support.

Continued: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/emaoconnor/trump-double-down-anti-abortion-gag-rule

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Unsafe and Illegal Abortions in Nepal

Unsafe and Illegal Abortions in Nepal

By Bryan Kulka
March 1, 2019

Despite the fact that abortion has been legalized in Nepal since 2002, the number of unsafe and illegal procedures remains dreadfully high. The main reasons being: lack of awareness and cultural shame. For a country that has 50% unwanted pregnancies, this is a large scale sanitary crisis.

“We [Neplali] have different mentalities about health care. We never think about tomorrow which is really bad. We all need to think about it now and act.” A Volunteer from Awareness Programs

Continued: https://kathmandutribune.com/unsafe-and-illegal-abortions-in-nepal/

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Kenya – Missing Dandora activist found dead at City Mortuary

Missing Dandora activist found dead at City Mortuary

Tuesday February 12 2019

A human rights activist who went missing a week ago has been found dead at a city mortuary after a botched abortion, police said Tuesday.

Caroline Mwatha was reported missing last week, prompting Amnesty International to raise the alarm over her disappearance, given her work lobbying against extra judicial killings by police.

Continued: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/Caroline-Mwatha-found-dead-from-botched-abortion/1056-4978776-uwkh8z/index.html

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Zimbabwe – Inside the illegal abortion market: ‘I nearly touched hell’

Inside the illegal abortion market: 'I nearly touched hell'
Zimbabwe’s tight abortion laws aren’t curbing demand, they’re driving them underground — and it’s about to get worse.

29 Jan 2019
Wendy Muperi

Tapiwa Chiwenga was two months pregnant when she slipped the pink pills inside herself, lay down on her bed, and prayed they would do their job.

They had to.

She was 22. Her boyfriend, a foreign student in Zimbabwe on a scholarship, loved her fiercely. But he was broke. So was she. She lived with her cousin and didn’t have a job. A baby simply was not in the cards.

Continued: https://bhekisisa.org/article/2019-01-29-00-illegal-abortions-zimbabwe-shut-down-what-is-the-gag-rules-impact-contraception

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Kenya’s Marie Stopes ban may drive more women to unsafe abortions

Kenya's Marie Stopes ban may drive more women to unsafe abortions


(MENAFN - The Conversation) The Kenyan Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board has stopped the NGO Marie Stopes International from performing abortions in Kenya. Marie Stopes is a global organisation that provides contraception and safe abortion to women in urban and rural communities. Abortion is illegal in Kenya, unless a trained medical professional judges that there's a need for emergency treatment, or that a woman's life or health is in danger.

The Conversation Africa's Moina Spooner spoke to Michael Mutua about the Marie Stopes ban and its implications.

Continued: https://menafn.com/1097774793/Kenyas-Marie-Stopes-ban-may-drive-more-women-to-unsafe-abortions

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Kenya – Marie Stopes clinics still open, says director

Marie Stopes clinics still open, says director

By Citizen Reporter For Citizen Digital
Published on: November 25, 2018

Marie Stopes has suspended abortion services as ordered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB).

In a statement issued on Sunday, the organization, however, said it remains open and will continue offering essential family planning, maternal health and general medical services.

Continued: https://citizentv.co.ke/news/marie-stopes-clinics-still-open-says-director-220684/

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Canada’s leadership on family planning

Canada’s leadership on family planning

From: Global Affairs Canada
November 14, 2018

Canada’s announcement of up to $104.4 million at the International Conference on Family Planning in Kigali, Rwanda, will support family planning, advocacy and the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), while improving access to safe and legal abortion. All projects will also ensure the integration of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) into countries’ health systems.

This investment is part of Canada’s $650-million comprehensive approach to address gaps in funding for SRHR.

Continued: https://www.miragenews.com/canada-s-leadership-on-family-planning/

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Marie Stopes ordered to close down 10 health facilities in Tanzania

Marie Stopes ordered to close down 10 health facilities in Tanzania

Sunday, October 14, 2018
By The Citizen Reporters

In Summary: The move is surrounded by a mystery as there is no hint who ordered the NGO to stop offering health services in its facilities on Tanzania Mainland.

Dar es Salaam. Marie Stopes, an NGO offering healthcare in 37 countries around the world, has closed down its 10 health facilities in Tanzania.

The Citizen has found out that for nearly three weeks, patients seeking care at the NGO’s Dar es Salaam centres were being turned away in what the management termed as a “temporary inspection by government authorities.”

Continued: http://www.thecitizen.co.tz/News/Marie-Stopes-ordered-to-close-down-10-health/1840340-4805322-y9p7fi/index.html

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How a change in U.S. abortion policy reverberated around the globe

How a change in U.S. abortion policy reverberated around the globe
Health-care workers in Madagascar and dozens of other countries have faced new obstacles since Trump signed an order tying U.S. aid to antiabortion rules.

By Max Bearak and Carol Morello
Photo and video by Carolyn Van Houten
Oct. 10, 2018

BETSINGILO, Madagascar — Nana thought for a second, and then shook her head. Donald Trump? No, never heard of him.

Her humble, earthen home and field of cassava are about as far from Washington as it gets. She lives in Madagascar, an impoverished island hundreds of miles off the coast of Africa — and tiny Betsingilo is a week-long trip by bus from the country’s capital.

The distance has not stopped Trump’s foreign policy from affecting people’s lives here.

Continued: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/world/how-a-change-in-us-abortion-policy-reverberated-around-the-globe/

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