Ireland: Rhona Mahony: Eighth Amendment creates ‘unacceptable clinical risk’


Rhona Mahony: Eighth Amendment creates ‘unacceptable clinical risk’
Oireachtas committee told the provision ‘makes no clinical sense’ before foetus is viable

Oct 11, 2017
Pat Leahy, Jack Power

Dr Rhona Mahony, master of the National Maternity Hospital, has said the Eighth Amendment “makes no clinical sense” before the foetus is viable.

Dr Mahony told the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment that it the Constitutional provision “creates unacceptable clinical risk and should be removed”.

“Prior to foetal viability, we do not have the option of delivering a foetus because the foetus cannot survive and if a pregnant mother dies her baby dies too”.

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Ireland: Mahony warns of abortion legal risk

1 Dr Rhona Mahony, master of Holles Street Hospital.


by David Kearns

Published 06/09/2016, The Independent

The Master of the National Maternity Hospital has criticised the Eighth Amendment for forcing doctors to make medical decisions regarding abortion in a "criminal context".

Dr Rhona Mahony wants medical decisions on terminations in a "clinical context" to be free of legal considerations.

"For me, the Eighth Amendment causes difficulties in making sound medical decisions… [because] it asks doctors to make really complex medical decisions [involving terminations] in the context of criminal offences," she toldRTE's 'Claire Byrne Live'.

"This is where the Eighth Amendment really gives us difficulty - we've seen its ability to distort medical decisions."

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Source: The Independent

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