Jamaica – Health ministry developing sexual and reproductive health policy

Health ministry developing sexual and reproductive health policy

Thursday, October 25, 2018

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Ministry of Health is pursuing the development of a Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy, which will create a framework for identifying effective strategies to reduce maternal mortality rates.

The framework will focus on strengthening the linkages between obstetric and non-communicable disease programmes and review the Ministry's capacity within the health sector to respond effectively to cases of unsafe abortions.

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Clandestine Abortion in Zimbabwe Contributes to Maternal Medical Complications

Clandestine Abortion in Zimbabwe Contributes to Maternal Medical Complications
Four in 10 Women Who Have an Abortion Experience Complications That Require Treatment

October 25, 2018
News Release

Nearly all abortions in Zimbabwe are clandestine, with many resulting in complications that require medical treatment. However, half of women who experience complications from unsafe abortion in Zimbabwe never receive the care they need. These findings come from a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences Clinical Trials Research Centre (UZCHS-CTRC), the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care and the U.S.-based Guttmacher Institute. The study, which provides the first comprehensive estimates of the incidence of abortion and postabortion care in Zimbabwe, was conducted in an effort to understand the potential impact of unsafe abortion on maternal injury and death in a country that has among the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world. The findings are based on surveys of all health facilities in the country, as well as experts on abortion and women seeking postabortion care—which includes treatment for complications from unsafe abortion and miscarriage—and were published in the journals PLOS ONE and BMJ Open.

Continued: https://www.guttmacher.org/news-release/2018/clandestine-abortion-zimbabwe-contributes-maternal-medical-complications

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Uganda’s untold abortion story

Uganda’s untold abortion story

October 24, 2018
Written by Zurah Nakabugo

One Margaret, 26, is among many Ugandan women who are at risk of suffering severe complications arising from unsafe abortion.

Margaret, a resident of Kazo Angola zone in Kampala, recently told The Observer that she almost died while terminating her pregnancy using local herbs. She was forced to come to Kawempe General hospital for proper care.

The mother of one says her second pregnancy came about after being raped late one night as she returned home from work. So, she decided to carry out an abortion.

continued: https://observer.ug/news/headlines/59000-uganda-s-untold-abortion-story

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It’s time to talk about what a lack of access to safe abortion means

It’s time to talk about what a lack of access to safe abortion means

Viviana Waisman
18 October 2018

This year, something has changed about the way we talk about abortion. You can feel it on the street, on Twitter, in the media.... Something has changed, and there’s no turning back.

In May, the vote on the Irish referendum to legalize abortion filled me with hope. Thanks to the energy of young Irish people, a major victory was won for women’s rights.

Continued: https://www.opendemocracy.net/democraciaabierta/viviana-waisman/it-s-time-to-talk-about-what-lack-of-access-to-safe-abortion-means

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At least 1,200 young girls abort in Kenya everyday

At least 1,200 young girls abort in Kenya everyday

Author: Tuko.co.ke
Oct 17, 2018

A recent research has revealed over 1, 200 girls aged between 10 and 24 yaers abort daily.

The research also shows at least 7 out of the 1, 200 die daily during and after abortion. It also revealed the government uses KSh 500 million annually to tackle abortion related complications

Continued: https://www.tuko.co.ke/289265-at-1200-young-girls-abort-kenya-everyday.html#289265

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When Abortion Is Illegal, Women Rarely Die. But They Still Suffer.

When Abortion Is Illegal, Women Rarely Die. But They Still Suffer.
A look at what happens when abortion is forbidden, from countries where it still is

Olga Khazan
Oct 11, 2018

In August, the Argentine Senate rejected a bill that would have decriminalized abortion in the country within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Less than a week later, the newspaper Clairín reported that a 34-year-old woman died from septic shock after attempting to terminate her own pregnancy using parsley.

The woman, referred to only as Elizabeth, became one of the 40-some Argentine women who die each year from unsafe abortions. “Illegality forces the poorest women to use the most desperate practices,” one doctor was quoted as saying.

Continued: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/10/how-many-women-die-illegal-abortions/572638/

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Africa – From Counting To Ensuring Everyone Counts

From Counting To Ensuring Everyone Counts

Dailyguide Africa
October 6, 2018
Dereje Wordofa with Samira Bawumia

At first glance, one may think the Ussher Fort Polyclinic only serves the purpose of a health facility for the people of Jamestown; providing basic healthcare needs for residents in its catchment areas.

But the health facility does a little more than just providing healthcare services.

The facility houses a skills training centre where teenage mothers and girls who have dropped out of school acquire dressmaking skills in a two-year programme being sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Continued: http://dailyguideafrica.com/from-counting-to-ensuring-everyone-counts/

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Ghana – Government Should Strengthen Policies For Safe Abortions

Government Should Strengthen Policies For Safe Abortions

Oct 5, 2018

Mr Philip Duah, Communication and Advocacy Chairman of the Youth Advisory Board, Ipas Ghana, has called for the enforcement of existing policies and laws on safe abortions to reverse the current abortion-related deaths among women and adolescent girls.

Making reference to a World Health Organization (WHO) reports, he said 7 million women in developing countries were admitted to hospitals every year as a result of unsafe abortion, whiles 4.7 to 13.2 per cent of maternal deaths occurring each year, can be attributed to unsafe abortions.

Continued: https://www.modernghana.com/news/887836/government-should-strengthen-policies-for-safe-abortions.html

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Ghana – Maternal deaths up in Sekondi and Takoradi

Maternal deaths up in Sekondi and Takoradi

5 October 2018

The Sekondi/Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA) has recorded an increase in maternal deaths at the various health facilities in the metropolis.

A report compiled by the assembly attributed the deaths to bleeding after birth, late reporting, religious beliefs, unsafe abortion and hypertension.

Continued: https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/health/Maternal-deaths-up-in-Sekondi-and-Takoradi-690385

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India – Opinion | Looking beyond the legality of abortion

Opinion | Looking beyond the legality of abortion
Even five decades after legalization, abortions in India lack basic safety standards

Last Published: Mon, Oct 01 2018
Vinoj Manning

Despite abortion being legal in India for almost five decades, unsafe abortion continues to be the third largest cause of maternal mortality and accounts for 8% of all maternal deaths in India. Ten women die every day, and thousands more face serious and permanent injuries annually due to unsafe abortion-related causes. Most deaths caused by unsafe abortion are, however, preventable. With the advent of newer and simpler technologies, induced abortion is now a very safe and simple medical procedure, which can save the lives of millions of women.

Continued: https://www.livemint.com/Opinion/yCN9cRSjS4a6r5FKjcGoTM/Opinion--Looking-beyond-the-legality-of-abortion.html

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