In One Year, Trump Dismantled Reproductive Rights Around The World


In One Year, Trump Dismantled Reproductive Rights Around The World
Abortion rights advocates say the Trump administration, led by Vice President Mike Pence, is putting anti-abortion activists in influential roles.

By Laura Bassett

NEW YORK― Women’s health clinics from Iowa to Kenya have been forced to close their doors. International nonprofits have lost the ability to provide birth control, HIV testing and fistula surgeries in the poorest communities around the world. Half a million U.S. teenagers no longer have access to sex education programs.

In a single year, President Donald Trump has already decimated reproductive rights and access to family planning in the U.S. and around the globe.


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USA: For reproductive rights campaigners 2017 felt like the calm before the storm


For reproductive rights campaigners 2017 felt like the calm before the storm
The Trump administration has chipped away at women’s access to contraception and other health services but an all-out assault may just be a question of time

Molly Redden
Sat 30 Dec ‘17

The year 2017 was supposed to be when reproductive health battles simmering in the states boiled over into national policy.

Not only did Republicans retain control of Congress in last year’s election, Donald Trump stocked his administration with people opposed to not only abortion but everything from sex education to insurance coverage for contraception.

But while the administration did make moves that will limit access to abortion and reproductive care, Trump’s first year in office was not the all-out assault public health advocates feared.

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USA: Neil Gorsuch’s views on abortion to be tested by supreme court filing


Neil Gorsuch's views on abortion to be tested by supreme court filing

The supreme court’s new justice hasn’t made his stance on abortion public, but an urgent filing from a Planned Parenthood clinic could offer the first clues

Molly Redden
Friday 22 September 2017

An urgent appeal to the supreme court by Planned Parenthood has created an unexpected early test of Justice Neil Gorsuch’s views on abortion restrictions.

The court’s newest member has never spoken publicly in any significant detail on one of the most divisive issues he will deal with as a justice, and he gave evasive answers about abortion during his confirmation hearing before the Senate.

But on Friday, Planned Parenthood challenged abortion restrictions before the court for the first time since Gorsuch joined the bench, effectively compelling him to weigh in.

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U.S.: Donald Trump will abolish women’s right to abortion, warns expert US doctor


Donald Trump will abolish women's right to abortion, warns expert US doctor

Exclusive: 'It was criminal once before, and it is their intent to make it criminal again,' says Dr Willie Parker

Maya Oppenheim
Thursday 27 April 2017

A leading abortion doctor has warned the legal right to have an abortion will be abolished across America under Donald Trump.

Dr Willie Parker, a prominent abortion advocate in the deep south of America, said he expected the Trump presidency to succeed in overturning Roe v Wade. President Trump has already pledged to do all he can to overturn the landmark Supreme Court decision which legalised abortion nationwide in 1973.

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U.S.: Unthinkable: What If Roe Is Overturned?


Unthinkable: What If Roe Is Overturned?

By Susan Buttenwieser | March 21, 2017

Prior to 1973, an estimated 1.2 million women in the U.S. had illegal abortions each year, resulting in 5,000 annual deaths. Legal abortion was available in only 17 states. After the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide, deaths from the procedure were almost completely eliminated. Since Donald Trump’s surprise election, the possibility of returning to “back-street” abortions seems closer than ever before. Anti-choice politicians and activists are emboldened, a proliferation of anti-choice legislation has been introduced at the state and federal level—with some passing—and abortion providers and clinics are experiencing increases in harassment.

Now, with anti-choice Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings underway, the unthinkable seems more possible than ever before: the overturning of the Roe decision itself.

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