Victoria legalised abortion 10 years ago – what will it take in NSW and Queensland?

Victoria legalised abortion 10 years ago – what will it take in NSW and Queensland?
A decade on, Victoria still doesn’t have enough publicly provided, accessible abortion services

Kathleen Maltzahn
Tue 9 Oct 2018

It took more than 40 years of feminist activism, three days and nights of parliamentary debate and hours-long speeches by religious right MPs railing against decriminalisation for abortion in Victoria to be taken out of the crimes act. Ten years on, this is still a powerful victory. Victoria is one of only three Australian jurisdictions where abortion is legal, despite strong community support. Given recent failures to decriminalise in Queensland and New South Wales, Victoria’s success is a reminder that change is possible.


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Is abortion legal in Australia? It’s complicated

Is abortion legal in Australia? It's complicated

By health reporter Olivia Willis
May 25, 2018

Ireland has just voted on whether to lift the country's controversial ban on abortion.

But in Australia, whether or not abortion is legal depends on where you live — as does the cost and availability of the procedure.

And that's because abortion laws are made by state and territory governments, not the Federal Government.


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Australia: Abortion reform ‘unfinished business’

Abortion reform 'unfinished business'

August 16, 2017
Lisa Martin
Australian Associated Press

Queensland and NSW may have female state leaders, but it's still a potentially jailable offence for women to have an abortion in those states.

Federal Labor's deputy leader Tanya Plibersek has made the case for Australia to address its "unfinished business on reproductive health" while delivering the Emily's List oration in Canberra on Wednesday night.

"Having an abortion is a criminal act in both Queensland and New South Wales - that means it's a crime for half the women in Australia," Ms Plibersek said, noting a Brisbane couple were prosecuted for purchasing abortion drugs in 2010 and last month a woman was prosecuted in New South Wales.

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Australian Lawmakers Vote No on Legal Abortion Law

Australian Lawmakers Vote No on Legal Abortion Law
In New South Wales, abortion is punishable with 10 years in prison.

Laura Bannister
Jun 2, 2017

Last month, members of the New South Wales Parliament in Australia voted against a bill that would decriminalize abortion, which has been an offense under the state’s Crimes Act since 1900. The law reform bill — which had been brought forward by Member of Parliament Mehreen Faruqi of the Greens Party — was swiftly defeated in the upper house, 25 to 14. The reigning Liberal-National government (broadly defined as center-right conservatives) were given a conscience vote, meaning they could break with their party’s pro-life position if they chose. None did. According to The Guardian, members of the public, who watched the proceedings from the open gallery above, hollered “SHAME!” when results of the conscience vote were revealed.

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Australia: ‘Completely out of step’: Abortion to remain a crime in NSW after reform bill fails

'Completely out of step': Abortion to remain a crime in NSW after reform bill fails

The majority of the state's upper house has voted down a Greens bill that would have decriminalised abortion in NSW.

By Ben Winsor
11 May 2017

Abortion will remain a crime in NSW after members of the Legislative Council voted down a Greens bill aimed at overturning the 100-year-old law.

Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi's Abortion Law Reform Bill was defeated 25 to 14 in the state parliament's upper house.

The bill received support from eight Labor MLCs and all five Greens MLCs, as well as Animal Justice Party MLC Mark Pearson.

Public members in the gallery shouted "shame" as the result of the conscience vote was announced in the Legislative Council.

“I am disappointed that the NSW Legislative Council has voted to keep abortion a Crime in NSW,” Dr Faruqi said.

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Australia: Protesters call for removal of abortion from NSW Crimes Act

Protesters call for removal of abortion from NSW Crimes Act

May 9, 2017

Abortion rights campaigners gathered outside the NSW Parliament on Tuesday in a renewed push to decriminalise abortion and to create protest-free zones around clinics.

Purple postcards bearing the slogan "Decriminalise abortion. Safe access" were hung on the fence outside Parliament House on Macquarie Street.

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Australia: Abortion decriminalisation to get renewed push in NSW parliament

Abortion decriminalisation to get renewed push in NSW parliament

Greens proposal, which would create 150-metre protest-free zones around clinics, backed by medical and legal experts

Christopher Knaus
Sunday 7 May 2017

A proposal to decriminalise abortion and create protest-free zones around clinics is expected to come before New South Wales parliament this week, backed by doctors, lawyers, teachers, academics, unions and civil rights groups.

The Greens are leading the push to have abortion removed from the state’s Crimes Act, but are facing opposition from the Catholic church and the Christian lobby, which are seeking to lobby members of parliament against the changes.

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Australia: Mum speaks out amid abortion reform fight

Mum speaks out amid abortion reform fight
Derrick Krusche
13 Feb 2017

Emilee Body had heard much about the protesters outside Albury’s Englehardt Street abortion clinic. Feeling nervous as she approached it, she turned a corner and immediately saw them.

She remembered stories of women being harassed, being filmed and even being handed plastic foetal dolls as they entered the clinic.

Ms Body was stressed enough as it was, and did not want to suffer the indignity of their protests. But as her car entered the clinic’s driveway they started to approach. She locked eye contact with them and panicked.

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Australia: Century-old abortion laws force children to face court seeking terminations

October 10 2016 - 12:01AM

Tony Moore

A 12-year-old Queensland girl had to argue for an abortion in Queensland's Supreme Court in April 2016 despite having approval from her doctor, her family, her obstetrician and a public hospital for the termination.

"Q's case" has prompted two Queensland academics to argue it is time to change "outdated" 100-year-old abortion laws in Queensland and New South Wales.

"The decision of the health service to seek direction from the court underlines the fear and uncertainty on the part of doctors and administrators regarding the legality of abortion in Queensland," the authors write.

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Source: Brisbane Times

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