UN says Northern Ireland’s abortion laws violate the human rights of women

the UN says northern ireland’s abortion laws violate the human rights of women
A United Nations Committee found that the current restrictive abortion laws in Northern Ireland breach the UK’s international human rights obligations.

by Roisin Lanigan
11 March 2019

While the Republic of Ireland’s historic vote to repeal the 8th Amendment transformed the lives of thousands of women last year, giving them access to healthcare, termination of pregnancies without having to travel and the right to choose, women in Northern Ireland are still suffering. While abortion is now legal in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, in the North it is still considered a crime, punishable with up to life in prison. On average 28 women every day make the journey to Britain to obtain abortions after being denied medical treatment at home in Northern Ireland.

Since the 8th Amendment was repealed activists in the North have been leading a campaign, #NowForNI, to help those women currently oppressed and left behind by the region’s draconian abortion laws. Today, the campaign received a huge boost as a United Nations Committee said that not only are those laws oppressive, they are also a violation of international human rights obligations.

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How did Northern Ireland lawmakers carve out an anti-abortion ‘ghetto’ within the UK?

How did Northern Ireland lawmakers carve out an anti-abortion ‘ghetto’ within the UK?
Northern Ireland remains a blind spot for equality for women and members of the LGBTIQ community. Will Ireland’s abortion referendum change this?

Stephanie Williamson
11 June 2018

More than two weeks have passed since Ireland’s historic abortion referendum was won by a groundswell of grassroots feminist activism. A large majority (66.4%) voted to repeal the country’s eighth constitutional amendment, opening the door to proposed legislation to allow abortions up to 12 weeks.

Huge numbers of repeal campaigners and voters were young women – with a staggering 94% increase in the turnout of women aged 18-24, compared to the 2016 general election. The result reflected a frank rejection of decades of misogyny and the suffocating grip of church and state on women’s rights.

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