‘Abortion in Germany – where providing information is a crime’


'Abortion in Germany - where providing information is a crime'

The Local
12 February 2018

It is high time that Germany scraps a 1930s law that forbids doctors from providing women with complete information on how to terminate a pregnancy, argues Kate Cahoon.

Germany is seen as a pretty liberal country. Alcohol is sold in supermarkets and is practically cheaper than bottled water, kids can buy a large enough quantity of fireworks to blow up a small house, and gay marriage is legal (okay, only since last year, but Christopher Street Day in Berlin attracts such a crowd it’s almost a public holiday). But there are some things you can’t do – particularly if you’re a woman and say, pregnant, or a doctor who carries out pregnancy terminations.

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Germany: Doctor who ‘advertised’ abortion on her website fined €6,000


Doctor who ‘advertised’ abortion on her website fined €6,000

DPA/The Local
24 November 2017

A doctor who published information for women about abortions on her website has been fined €6,000 for breaking German criminal law.

61-year-old Doctor Kristina Hänel was found guilty by a district court in Gießen on Friday of “advertising” abortion on her website.

“The lawmakers do not want abortion to be talked about in public as if it is a normal thing,” the judge said in her ruling.

Continued at source: https://www.thelocal.de/20171124/doctor-who-advertised-abortion-on-her-website-fined-6000

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