Nigeria – Women should not die of pregnancy-related diseases: Prevention (1)

Women should not die of pregnancy-related diseases: Prevention (1)

Posted By: Dr Joel Akande
On: November 23, 2018

In reading this article, kindly project a picture as if every woman is your daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt or friend. By so doing, you place yourself in the position of victims or relatives of victims of the issue that we are going to discuss in this article: maternal mortality. The matter of women dying of pregnancy-related diseases should not happen and all efforts by all stakeholders (government at all levels, women themselves, families, nurses, physicians and the nation in general) should be geared toward the prevention of maternal (and child) deaths.

Every year in Nigeria, several thousands of women die of diseases related to pregnancy. Specifically, as at 2015 which is when the latest figures were made available, about 814 of women for every 100,000 of live births die in Nigeria every year. Nigeria is in the top tier where women and children die most in the world. This figure only relates to live births and does not include deaths of women that occur because of abortion whereby the expelled fetus was not alive at the time of the abortion.


The Astonishing Numbers Behind the Republican Crusade Against Pregnant Women

The Astonishing Numbers Behind the Republican Crusade Against Pregnant Women
Alex Henderson
Jan 30, 2018
AlterNet, News & Politics

Forty-five years after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, the Republican Party and far-right Christian fundamentalists remain obsessed with ending safe and legal abortion in the United States. But their opposition to universal health care and attacks on everything from Medicare to school lunch programs demonstrate that their concern for human life ends once a baby is born. If the GOP and its evangelical base truly were pro-life, they might object to the fact the U.S. now has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world—a figure that is especially pronounced in Republican-dominated red states.

In 2016, The Lancet published the results of an international study on maternal mortality that found U.S. women were almost three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related complications as their counterparts in Germany or the U.K., and almost seven times as likely as women in Finland. According to the medical journal, maternal mortality in the U.S. increased from 16.9 per 100,000 live births in 1990 to 26.4 per 100,000 live births in 2015.


US maternal mortality highest among industrialized nations

US maternal mortality highest among industrialized nations
By Trévon Austin
25 August 2017

An estimated 700 to 900 women die in the US every year from pregnancy- and childbirth-related causes, the highest rate among industrialized nations. Another 65,000 nearly die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A study released last week published in MCN: The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing indicates that postpartum nurses are not being properly educated on the dangers mothers face after giving birth. Lacking sufficient education, the nurses are unable to play the critical role in identifying potential warning signs of postpartum complications and taking precautionary measures.

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