Ireland: Abortion law campaigners ‘preach only to converted’

Abortion law campaigners ‘preach only to converted’

Colin Coyle
December 10 2017

The abortion debate in Ireland mostly reinforces the opinions of your peer group “rather than convinces the opposite party to change their position”, Finnish academics have concluded.

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland checked parliamentary records and online news sources, including blogs, to analyse how abortion was debated in Ireland and Finland. The abortion law in Finland is more liberal, with terminations available in most circumstances up to 20 weeks.

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Brazil Women Protest Temer’s Abortion Ban

Brazil Women Protest Temer's Abortion Ban

Nov 14, 2017
IN PICTURES: Protesters demonstrate against the criminalization of all cases of abortion, including rape and when the mother's life is in danger.

A Brazilian lower-chamber commission approved an amendment that would outlaw abortion in all cases in the country.
This prohibits abortion even when the pregnancy puts the mother's life in danger; is the result of a rape, or if the fetus is deformed. Women who seek an abortion outside such circumstances can face up to three years in jail.

Women's rights groups have accused the government of Michel Temer and lawmakers of disguising the full abortion ban as a “Trojan horse” within a proposal that claims to improve mothers' rights in the case of premature births.

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Lessons for Ireland from the Pro-Choice movement in Italy

Lessons for Ireland from the Pro-Choice movement in Italy
Date: Mon, 2017-09-25

I moved to Ireland from Italy shortly after the Strike4Repeal of the 8th of March, a mass mobilisation on the streets of Dublin in protest of Ireland’s archaic abortion laws, which I followed closely on social media. While still in Italy, I had been involved in organising a successful feminist demonstration in the city where I lived, on that same date (International Women’s Day), and I felt deep sympathy and admiration for the Irish pro-choice activists and the amazing work they were carrying out. At first glance it was unbelievable to me that in a western-European country people still had to take the streets to demand access to abortion. While the Irish situation initially felt like something I could not relate to, I soon remembered where I was from and I had to think twice: despite abortion being legal in my home country, safe and effective access to abortion service is currently utopia.

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Reproductive rights activists counteract the “Walk for Life” in Croatia

Reproductive rights activists counteract the "Walk for Life" in Croatia
May 21, 2017

Croatian’s Platform for women’s reproductive rights organized a series of actions in order to highlight the real intension of the so-called “Walk for life”

Zagreb, Croatia: Platform for women's reproductive rights warns that the so-called "Walk for life" is a political gathering that has nothing to do with the preservation of life but has an agenda to restrict abortion accessibility and to make it illegal. In other words, to take away a women's right to decide if she wants to, when and with whom to have children.

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How a harsh abortion ban has reignited Polish feminism

By Andrew Roth, The Washington Post
Posted: 11/19/16

WARSAW, Poland >> The long-submerged struggle over abortion has abruptly resurfaced in Poland after more than a generation, as the failure of a right-wing initiative to impose an outright ban has revitalized the country’s feminist movement.

The most hopeful now have their sights on overturning the legal restrictions on abortion that date back 23 years, and bringing women’s issues in from the margins of Polish society.

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