UK: Anti-abortion group Abort67 stage demonstration in Canterbury city centre


Anti-abortion group Abort67 stage demonstration in Canterbury city centre

By Emma Grafton-Williams

Published: 16 June 2017

Graphic images of aborted foetuses shocked passers by in a busy shopping centre this afternoon.

The image boards were displayed in Rose Lane in Canterbury by campaign group Abort67 - whose members say they are trying to educate the public to make abortion "unthinkable" and to see the law "give full protection to the unborn."

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New Zealand: Abortion debate divides city road


Abortion debate divides city road

MAR 20 2017, Cass Mason

For the duration of Lent, two groups of people are spending their days outside the Auckland Medical Aid Centre: those who want to see abortion banned in New Zealand, and those who want it made legal

Every day for 40 days in the lead-up to Easter, two sides of a fraught debate stand dutifully on opposite sides of Dominion Rd.

Each watches the other warily. Those for choice are louder, more colourful; they cheer when cars sound their horns. Across the way, volunteers mutter prayers and engage largely with the pavement.

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In a rare move, 200 march for abortion rights in Angola


In a rare move, 200 march for abortion rights in Angola

Agence France-Presse

March 18, 2017

About 200 demonstrators protested under heavy police surveillance in the Angolan capital Luanda on Saturday against a draft law criminalizing all abortions.

The proposed new penal code has been sharply criticized, including by Isabel dos Santos, reported to be the richest woman in Africa and the daughter of veteran President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

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U.S.: Planned Parenthood anti-abortion protests met by counter-demonstrations


Planned Parenthood anti-abortion protests met by counter-demonstrations
Associated Press

Saturday 11 February 2017

Anti-abortion activists emboldened by the Trump administration staged rallies around the country on Saturday, calling for the federal government to cut off payments to Planned Parenthood. In some cities, however, counter-protests dwarfed the demonstrations.

Thousands of Planned Parenthood supporters, many wearing the pointy-eared pink “pussy” hats popularized by last month’s women’s marches, turned out for a rally in St Paul, Minnesota, separated by barricades from an anti-abortion crowd of a couple of hundred people.

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Continuing the Reports from 28 September


4 October 2016

More reports on September 28 events from the International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion, including from Poland, Nicaragua, Netherlands, UK, Armenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.


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Source: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion

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Polish women to stage all-out strike to protest abortion ban


Country’s government considering tightening local laws on terminations

by Siobhan Fenton Social Affairs Correspondent
Friday 30 September 2016

Women in Poland are to stage an all-out strike to protest the country’s plan to effectively ban abortions.

Female workers across the predominantly Catholic country will take part in the action on Monday, in an effort to disruptively draw attention to attempts to restrict Poland’s severely limited abortion laws even further.

Those taking part hope the strike will bring Polish society and the economy to a standstill.

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Source: The INdependent

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How Europeans Are Protesting Their Countries’ Harsh Anti-Abortion Laws


By Mary McGill; photos by Jake Lewis
September 26, 2016

It's 4 PM on an overcast Saturday afternoon, and I'm standing with about 200 protesters outside the Polish embassy in London. Most are dressed in black, symbolizing a "Black Protest" of mourning at the recent rollback on women's reproductive rights in Poland. The day before, the so-called No Abortion Law passed a key vote in Poland's parliament. If it is enacted, it will reverse the country's already restrictive abortion laws, making terminations illegal in almost all circumstances.

"We're mourning at the moment now in Poland," activist Paulina "Poli" Palian tells me. "This law is not only about abortion. The government and church want to take away the little sex education we have in schools. Morning after pill is going to be gone. It was already hell to get it. Now it will be abolished. No abortion for rape victims. No prenatal care. Women looking for abortions and those helping them could go to jail. This applies to women who have abortions outside Poland, too."

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