Addressing stigma while moving a national campaign: Spotlight on South Korea

Addressing stigma while moving a national campaign: Spotlight on South Korea

Posted June 18, 2019
by inroads Comms, with Na Young

In this article, inroads member, Na Young, of the The Sexual and Reproductive Rights Forum and the Joint Action for Reproductive Justice in South Korea shares with us in detail what it took to generate a people’s movement to get rid of an anti-abortion law and the stigma-busting that is still ongoing.

1) How has abortion stigma shown up around the law historically in Korea?

Anti-abortion law was first made in Korea during the Japanese occupation. After Independence and the Korean War, the first assembly decided to keep the punishment clauses on abortion made by the Japanese government. According to this law, women who get an abortion can spend up to a year in prison or be fined up to 2 million won (about 1,850 dollars). Doctors, midwives and any healthcare workers who provide abortions can face up to two years in prison.


Thousands Of Women Across The US Marched To Protest Abortion Bans

Thousands Of Women Across The US Marched To Protest Abortion Bans
"Should be at school but instead I'm busy protesting this SHIT."

Tasneem Nashrulla, BuzzFeed News Reporter
Last updated on May 21, 2019

Thousands of people across the US Tuesday marched as part of the #StopTheBans protest against the recent wave of anti-abortion legislation that has cropped up in several states.

More than 500 #StopTheBans demonstrations were set to take place at statehouses, town squares, and courthouses across multiple states, as well as in Puerto Rico and Ottawa, Canada.


Abortion debate in Argentina heats up

Abortion debate in Argentina heats up


Demonstrators rallied in front of Argentina's National Congress on Thursday as a Congressional committee debated a bill to legalise abortion in the deeply Catholic nation.

The commission is expected to send a bill that would allow women to interrupt pregnancy during the first 14 weeks to the Lower House floor.

While Argentina's Congress has debated abortion before, the topic has garnered more attention since centre-right President Mauricio Macri said he was in favour of debate and would encourage his allies in Congress to vote as they saw fit even though he was personally opposed.


ARGENTINA – National demonstrations for 28 May & international solidarity petition gains hundreds of signatures

ARGENTINA – National demonstrations for 28 May & international solidarity petition gains hundreds of signatures
May 29, 2018
by International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion

Starting on 21 May, the Campaign began to circulate a petition from Argentina to express support on the part of the international community for the comprehensive and democratic debate that is currently taking place in the four Commissions of the Argentinian Congress, and will lead to debate and a vote in June. The letter said we sincerely hope that the members of the Congress will vote in favour of the bill put forward by the abortion rights movements in the country, the 7th such attempt, and the first to be tabled and have a strong hope of success. The final debate is scheduled for June 13.

We are pleased to announce that the petition garnered 409 signatures and was presented on 28 May, the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, to the Secretaries of the four Commissions and the Administrative Secretariat of the Commission on General Legislation.


International Safe Abortion Day: Events Around the World – 28 September 2016

National stakeholder meeting on unsafe abortion 2014
Coalition to Stop Maternal Mortality Due to Unsafe Abortion (CSMMUA)

The Coalition to Stop Maternal Mortality Due to Unsafe Abortion (CSMMUA) is a multi-disciplinary Ugandan civil society coalition founded in July 2012. The Secretariat is maintained by the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD). This year we shall mainly have a social media campaign that includes a few strategic Op Eds in the newspaper and some advocacy messages released on some of our social media platforms. We shall also be supporting our partners from Uganda Network of Young people living with HIV/AIDS(UNYPA) that will be having a community dialogue in the Kampala slum of Kawaala that will include, among other things, testimonies and sharing of stories of abortion experiences by teenagers, health workers and others.

Women for a Change (Wfac)

Wfac, founded in 2009, is an independent, young women-led organisation working for women's sexual and reproductive health rights, leadership and development. They will be having a strategy meeting with some 20 key college authorities & discipline teachers to map out best approaches in addressing issues around adolescent SRHR and also ensuring comprehensive sexuality education be part of the school policy. They will be tweeting from @WfacCmr & @ZoFem, and sharing updates on their Facebook page. They produced a video called My Story, My Choice for 28 May this year which was accepted at the ArtCity Short Film Festival and will be aired on 4-8 October. And they have also just launched a new Zine at #WfacZine.

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Source: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion

Irish and Polish people march for abortion

By Shona Murray
Dublin, 23. Sep. EU Observer

A global solidarity march in favour of repealing Ireland’s strict abortion laws is taking place in over 20 countries on Saturday (24 September).

Arranged by the Irish diaspora in cities like Brussels, Berlin, Paris, New York, Sydney, and Warsaw, protesters are putting pressure on the Irish government from abroad; calling for a referendum on the matter.

Abortion in Ireland is outlawed unless a woman’s life is found to be in danger, including the risk of suicide. Any woman presenting with suicide ideation must have her condition confirmed by an obstetrician and two psychiatrists before an abortion is permitted.

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Source: EU Observer

Ireland: 35 years of abortion demos: from Plac and Spuc to ‘Repeal the 8th’

Ahead of Saturday’s pro-choice rallies, a look at some of the most influential protests and counter-protests on abortion

Fri, Sep 23, 2016, Irish Times
Joe Humphreys

As the ‘March for Choice’ rally organised by the Abortion Rights Campaign to take place on Saturday we look back at some of the protests which have taken place on both sides of the argument over the decades.

Pro-life amendment:

December 24th 1981: The Christmas Eve 1981 march organised by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (Spuc) blew the starting whistle on the campaign for the Eighth Amendment.

The Irish Times reported that “about 2,000 people carrying flowers and lighted candles marched through the streets of Dublin“ demanding the Constitutional provision protecting the right to life of the unborn.

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Source: Irish Times