Abortion in Ireland – what is the law?


Abortion in Ireland - what is the law?

16 May 2018

On Friday May 25 people in the Republic of Ireland will vote on whether they want to make changes to the country's strict abortion laws, upheld in the Eighth Amendment of the Irish constitution.

So where does the law currently stand?

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Ireland – Abortion legislation: the really contentious bits


Abortion legislation: the really contentious bits
The most contested sections of the proposed abortion legislation and what campaigners say about them

May 12, 2018
Sarah Bardon

The referendum on May 25th will ask people their views on whether the Eighth Amendment should remain in the Constitution, or whether it should be removed to allow for the “regulation of the termination of pregnancy”.

At present, Article 40.3.3. – introduced by the Eighth Amendment in 1983 – gives the unborn and the mother an equal right to life.

The Referendum Commission has stressed this is the decision people will be asked to make. However, much of the debate during the campaign has focused on the legislation that may follow a repeal vote.

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Ireland’s Catholic traditions tested as abortion referendum looms


Ireland's Catholic traditions tested as abortion referendum looms
Abortion remains such a taboo in Ireland that it's rare for women to speak openly about it. A public admission could result in a 14-year prison sentence.

by Saphora Smith and Ziad Jaber

DUBLIN — Rita Harrold's decision to end her pregnancy turned her into a criminal in the eyes of the law.

More than four decades after being legalized in the U.S., abortion remains illegal in almost all cases in the Irish Republic.

Five years ago, Harrold took abortion pills that had been smuggled into the country.

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Repeal the Eighth: Ireland to vote on abortion


Repeal the Eighth: Ireland to vote on abortion
Voters to take part in a referendum later this month to decide whether or not to liberalise abortion laws.

by Barbara McCarthy
May 10, 2018

People across Ireland take to the polls on May 25 to vote in a highly anticipated referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

First voted into the Irish Constitution in 1983, the Eighth Amendment recognises the right to life of the unborn child, effectively placing a ban on abortion.

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Ireland – Abortion: INMO calls for conscientious objection safeguards


Abortion: INMO calls for conscientious objection safeguards
Nurses union has had no discussions to date with HSE about the implications of repeal

May 2, 2018
Barry Roche

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation expects the same conscientious objection protections that exist for nurses under the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act to be afforded to nurses and midwives in any forthcoming legislation in the event of the Eighth Amendment being repealed.

INMO director of social policy and regulation Edward Matthews said that nurses and midwives are afforded the same protections as medical practitioners when it comes to conscientious objection to carrying out a termination of pregnancy.

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Ireland – Abortion regime will remain the same until legislation passed


Abortion regime will remain the same until legislation passed
Unclear how long it will take for new law to be passed if Eighth Amendment is repealed

Apr 30, 2018
Colm Keena

The Irish abortion regime will remain as it is until new legislation is passed, even if the referendum on removing the abortion provision in the Constitution is passed on May 25th.

How long it will take for the Oireachtas to pass a new law is unclear, but it could be done before the end of the year. However, should the Government fall in the meantime, that timetable would most likely be extended.

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Eighth Amendment causing uncertainty for doctors – gynaecologist


Eighth Amendment causing uncertainty for doctors – gynaecologist
Irish women can be trusted to make the right decisions about their treatment, says medic

Sun, Apr 29, 2018
Barry Roche

The Eighth Amendment should be repealed as it is causing uncertainty and difficulty for doctors and delaying the treatment of seriously ill women, a gynaecologist has said.

Speaking at the launch of Fine Gael’s Yes campaign in Cork, Prof Richard Greene said the amendment and the termination of pregnancy were difficult issues with both sides of the debate offering opposing views as to how it affects practitioners and patients.

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‘There is an openness’ – Fianna Fáil in flux on abortion


‘There is an openness’ – Fianna Fáil in flux on abortion
Support for repeal is 50/50 but the real split is over the proposed 12-week window

Jan 27, 2018
Harry McGee

Moral conservatism has always seemed intrinsic to Fianna Fáíl. It’s not just 1983 and the Eighth Amendment. It’s all the other referendums since then. It’s the way Micheál Martin was rebuffed, only four years ago, by his own parliamentarians during the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. It was the 70 per cent who voted to retain the Eighth Amendment in a debate on the margins of its ardfheis last autumn.

Though a liberal wing has emerged among its TDs and senators in recent years, the image has persisted for 35 years. That partly explains the volcanic reaction among colleagues to Martin’s volte-face on the Eighth Amendment last week.

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Ireland: Suicidal women struggle to get second opinion when seeking an abortion


Suicidal women struggle to get second opinion when seeking an abortion
Expert teams are not always available when assessment needed

Eilish O'Regan
January 26 2018

Concerns have emerged at senior HSE levels about the failure to always secure a psychiatrist to give a second opinion in cases where a pregnant woman is seeking an abortion on the grounds she is suicidal.

An internal document said in some cases it has meant the two psychiatrists and obstetrician, who are required under law to make an assessment in such cases, cannot be found.

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Ireland: ‘Women are by-passing abortion law’ – ex-Master of Holles Street


'Women are by-passing abortion law' - ex-Master of Holles Street

Shona Murray
October 18 2017

A former master of Holles Street Hospital will tell TDs today that "the genie is out of the bottle" when it comes to abortion as women are already taking abortion pills.

Dr Peter Boylan, chairman of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Ireland, will appear before the Oireachtas Committee on Abortion.

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