Tanzania: Unsafe abortion: The silent killer of young women

Unsafe abortion: The silent killer of young women

Monday June 17 2019
By Salome Gregory

Abortion in Tanzania is illegal. Being the case, it makes it harder for girls and women to get access to safe abortion. But even then, women still find their own ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Have you ever asked yourself, what woman and girls go through when trying to end unwanted pregnancy? A simple survey by Your Health confirms that girls and women go through a lot of pain and suffering that sometimes leads to deaths or permanent reproductive health issues.

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Tanzania – The unsolved puzzle on family planning choice

The unsolved puzzle on family planning choice

Saturday May 4 2019
By Salome Gregory

We tend to imagine our future families coming on the heels of a well-laid plan, but the reality is that plenty of us become parents entirely by accident.

In fact, in Tanzania, an estimated one million pregnancies are unintended.

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How a White House reversal affects a village in Madagascar

How a White House reversal affects a village in Madagascar
On an island where 10 women a day die from complications from pregnancy and childbirth, the funding cutoff by USAID because of its new abortion rules can have serious consequences.

By Annie Burns-Pieper
Special to the Star
Sat., Nov. 25, 2017

AMPAHO, MADAGASCAR—Ampaho feels like the edge of the world, somewhere most people, even in Madagascar, will never go.

The community of 240 small bamboo huts sits along a slow-moving waterway not far from the shore of the Indian Ocean on Madagascar’s east coast. The trip from the capital, Antananarivo, to Ampaho takes two days by car along the country’s winding roads followed by a meandering voyage on a rustic boat through the Panagalane canal.

On a rainy night five years ago, Marigrety Razafindramiarana’s daughter Marthe ran into trouble giving birth to her eighth child. The family had few options.

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Chile decriminalises abortion under three circumstances

Chile decriminalises abortion under three circumstances
28 August 2017

Three years ago, the PSI Women’s Committee in Chile decided to support this struggle with a range of actions, including lobbying parliament, visits to the national congress, alliances with women’s organisations and raising the profile of this issue in the street and in the press.

By Nayareth Quevedo

On Monday, 21 August, the judges of Chile’s Constitutional Court rejected by six votes to four the two requests presented by ChileVamos (right-wing parties) against the bill that decriminalises abortion under three circumstances, leaving the president, Michelle Bachelet, free to promulgate the law, which has been approved by parliament. The bill legalises abortion when a woman’s life is at risk, when a foetus is not viable and in cases of rape.

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