Ireland – Abortion services will be free, Harris confirms

Abortion services will be free, Harris confirms

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
By Fiachra Ó Cionnaith, Irish Examiner Political Correspondent

Ireland's imminent abortion services will be completely free to ensure they can be fully accessed by anyone who needs them, end the need to travel abroad for care and to prevent an influx of private abortion clinics into this country.

Health Minister Simon Harris confirmed the new services will not cost anything just 24 hours after President Michael D Higgins signed the referendum result into law, thereby formally removing the eighth amendment from the constitution.


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Ireland’s yes voters celebrate a ‘leap forward’ in landmark vote on abortion

Ireland's yes voters celebrate a 'leap forward' in landmark vote on abortion

By Kara Fox, CNN
Video by Muhammad Darwish, CNN
Sat May 26, 2018

Dublin (CNN)As she held her 18-month old daughter closely to her chest, Amanda Mellet summed up in words what many in Ireland were feeling Saturday after the nation's referendum on abortion passed by a landslide.

"It just means that women -- and the men who love the women of Ireland -- have spoken out and they've said times have to change. And they are going to change now," a tearful Mellet said at the Royal Dublin Society, where the count took place throughout the day.


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Ireland: Emigrants called #HometoVote in abortion referendum

Emigrants called #HometoVote in abortion referendum
New campaign launched urging eligible voters to travel from abroad to cast their ballots

Feb 8, 2018
Ciara Kenny

Recent emigrants are being encouraged to travel back to Ireland to vote in the upcoming referendum on abortion.

The London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign estimates that more than 40,000 Irish citizens living abroad could be eligible to vote in the referendum, and have created a new “Home to Vote” website ( to inform them of their rights and encourage them to vote if they are eligible.


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From Linda Kavanagh to Tracy Harkin: A guide to who’s who in Ireland’s divisive abortion debate

From Linda Kavanagh to Tracy Harkin: A guide to who's who in Ireland's divisive abortion debate
With Ireland's landmark referendum on the Eighth Amendment looming, voices on both sides of the abortion debate are getting ­ louder. But who exactly is lining out?

John Meagher
February 4 2018

It has been a momentous week for campaigners on both sides of the great abortion debate as it was finally confirmed that a referendum would be held this summer. Friday, May 25, is thought to be the most likely day for the referendum, one that pro-choice supporters hope will forever lift the ban on abortion.

But despite a series of opinion polls that indicate that the majority of the country wants change, the pro-life side believes a large cohort of people opposed to abortion have not had their voices heard.


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Ireland: Eighth Amendment Committee accused of acting pro-choice

Eighth Amendment Committee accused of acting pro-choice
Updated / Sunday, 3 Dec 2017

The Pro Life Campaign has accused the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment of acting like a "pro-choice advocate".

The Committee is reviewing the recommendations made by the Citizens' Assembly on changing Ireland's abortion laws.

The Pro Life Campaign held its national conference in Dublin today where speakers from a broad range of backgrounds gave presentations.

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